A Letter From Blakey

Hi to all my 1989 team mates & coaches.

Sorry I couldn’t be here today as I am currently living in the UK.

When I look back on my career the 1st thing that reasonates with me always is not where it started but where I enjoyed it the most. I can honestly say that the 4 years I had in the cardinal & myrtle were by far the most enjoyable for a number of reasons.

With every team there has to be a leader – in George Piggins we could not have had a better one. In most teams the characteristics that make that man so unique usually shine through in his players – we were no different. Words like Tough / Physical / Relentless / Uncompromising would sum up both George and this team.

He created an environment not only for success but one that also challenged us as a group. His greatest attribute is his humility & that is why we all respected him as a coach but more importantly as man. I think we can all say without hesitation that the integrity of George is 2nd to none.

In regards to 89 – We all know that the results didn’t go our way in the end as we worked and trained for better. But we also know that life in this arena can be brutal. With saying this we can still be very proud of each other for our relentless effort. We worked bloody hard & sometimes the results doesn’t necessarily tell the story.

The NRL is both physically & mentally demanding but always worth it – in large part because of the people you share it with!!

It was an honour to be part of this team so thank you.

Have a great afternoon.

Forever Grateful


(Phil Blake 9th November 2019)

Ps – please remember those who have passed Adam O’Neil, Rod Gorman, Jason Moon, Col Berwick and anyone else whom I may of missed .

Phil Blake in action in 1989
The Rabbitohs 1989 reunion at The Juniors Kingsford 9th November 2019