Rabbitohs Radio in Mudgee

We made the trip to Mudgee for the Charity Shield & discovered that it’s a beautiful town with so much to offer. It’s a perfect place for a getaway & in this video shot in 4K we show you a few of the sights we saw & some of the people we met along the way. Mudgee is so good, this video probably doesn’t do it justice. The wineries are superb, the town is terrific & the historic buildings add character. The race track & oval are close by & there’s plenty of nice pubs & some 1st class eateries & accommodation. #rabbitohsradio #mudgee

Bubsy Wall, Steve McDermott & Steve Mavin
Steve Mavin, Rodger Corser & Darren Brown
The Mudgee Burrow
Steve Mavin & Darren Brown at Lowes Winery
Brigitte Weiss, Steve Mavin & Greg Mavin
Steve Mavin & Gavin Badger
Scott Hoskin & the Rabbitohs entered the fashions on the field at Mudgee Races
Darren Brown at Lowes Winery