Rabbitohs – Daniel Lissing

Whilst at work removing rubbish my brother Greg came across a discarded CD titled ‘The Glory Of South Sydney’. The CD has 9 tracks & Rabbitohs Radio had already gained permission to use most of them. 2 songs were new to us so I emailed the distributor & asked permission to use track 5 ‘Glory Glory – Calling All Rabbits’ (Rod Keady & Steve Smith) & track 7 ‘Rabbitohs’ (Daniel Lissing)

We used bits of each song as interludes during our Season 2 Round 1 Podcast ‘The Sharks, Adam Reynolds & A New Era’. The full song didn’t have its own music video so I decided to make one & upload it to our YouTube channel. I feel that this gives the tune an extra dimension & paints a red & green picture to accompany it. We hope you enjoy listening & watching!

By Steve Mavin

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