Katie Brown, Lex, Women In League, Phil Blake & the Bulldogs

On the podcast this week we celebrate Women In League round by speaking to Katie Brown & Alexis Mavrantonis from the Rabbitohs Womens team, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Phil Blake & we preview the upcoming Bulldogs clash.

Katie Brown

Star reporter makes Rugby League debut at 28

You can’t be what you can’t see: Katie reports for Rabbitohs duty

Women’s Rugby League

Strength to strength: NRL celebrates 14th Women in League Round

Lasting legacy: Murray’s professional standards live on at Jillaroos

Strength to strength: Page personifies growth of Women In League Round

Michelle Cini leads the team song
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PART 2: I set a goal, it was to play rugby league. I did it. I did what I told myself I would do. Is it weird that I’m proud of myself? 😂 Souths Sydney Rabbitoh number 60, 2 games, 1 broken nose. Some beautiful new friends and tons of memories – high and low! The debut was highest of highs and not being selected was the lowest of lows. (I mean let’s be real, who would enjoy being dropped) Joy, nerves, excitement, adrenaline, laughs, anxiety, rejection, devastation. These were my emotions during the last 9 months. Sucks the competition was so short, was just vibing! But appreciative we had a season at all 🙏 It really was a rollercoaster ride, but one I’d jump on again and again and again! When people asked me why did I want to play, well I wanted to play because 1. I love playing sport, 2. I cover rugby league everyday and the more I watched it, the more addictive it became and there was this niggle for me to give it a go. 3. I’ve always loved testing my body’s ability and that pressure of putting my body on the line to win for the team! 4. I weirdly like training and sweating 🤷‍♀️ I’ll never forget the day I told Dean Widders I wanted to have a crack and @deanw25 your encouraging response gave me belief that I could do it. So many of you have been so supportive of me having a dig and thank you so much for that! The positive vibes were exactly what I needed 😁 And if you’re one of my haters reading this – THANK YOU! I used your negative energy and pretended it was you I was running at out there 😂 (I ate shit a couple times, but I still feel like a winner). I hope this inspires someone to have a crack at something new. Well thanks for reading my essay, have a great Sunday and I’ll get back to my real job which is reporting and I’ll try keep my face neat and my voice box in check for a while longer until I decide what I wanna try next 😏 over & out. #womeninsport #rugbyleague

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Alexis Mavrantonis

We also had a chat to South Sydney Rabbitohs Womens team player #63 Alexis Mavrantonis. Lex is also the Rabbitohs match day manager & does a fabulous job presenting all the entertainment at Souths home games.


Perry Keyes has given us permission to use his songs on the podcast & Bek-Jean Stewart sings on some of those tracks. We feature Beks vocals on this weeks podcast.

Phil Blake #755 – South Sydney Player Report

The Rooster Demolition, Jaydn Su’A, Jaxson Paulo, Les ‘Chicka’ Cowie & The Knights Sudden Death Showdown. RABBITOHS RADIO

We are proud to present our 50th show, a big milestone for the podcast & we wish to thank everyone who has listened & supported us since we began in July 2019. Also a big thanks to all the people who have given up their time to share their stories with us on the show, every one of you have added an extra dimension to the listening experience we present each week. On the podcast this week we recap the record 60-8 hammering of the Roosters, we talk to Rabbitohs enforcer Jaydn Su’A & exciting winger Jaxson Paulo, our remembering a Rabbitoh is Les ‘Chicka’ Cowie & we preview the sudden death semi final clash with the Knights. https://rabbitohsradio.com.au/2020/09/24/the-rooster-demolition-jaydn-sua-jaxson-paulo-les-chicka-cowie-the-knights-sudden-death-showdown/
  1. The Rooster Demolition, Jaydn Su’A, Jaxson Paulo, Les ‘Chicka’ Cowie & The Knights Sudden Death Showdown.
  2. Luke Curry, Ken Stewart & the Chooks
  3. Katie Brown, Lex, Women In League, Phil Blake & the Bulldogs
  4. Jack Johns, Lummy & the Tigers
  5. Mark Nicholls, Eric Lewis & The Storm
Alexis & Katie