The Rabbitohs Podcast Network

We’re proud to announce that Rabbitohs Radio Podcast has been included in the newly created Rabbitohs Podcast Network. It’s a sensational development for us because it now means that we’re an official South Sydney Rabbitohs Football Club podcast & become part of the Rabbitohs family. 

Our podcast will be one of four weekly podcasts in the network, each one will be different to the other. Our show will remain the same & still have all the content, interviews, segments etc that we’ve been presenting so far. The big difference is that now the Rabbitohs will be putting their considerable resources into promoting & distributing our show along with the other 3 podcasts under the same banner which is a massive upgrade for us. 

We always thought that our show would fit perfectly with the clubs professional media team & now that has become a reality. The amount of people that the Rabbitohs website, socials & members correspondence reach far surpasses the total followers that we’ve built to date. This fact alone should gain us a wider audience & that’s been our goal since day 1 – to be heard by South Sydney fans everywhere. 

All our socials & followers will remain as will our various groups & pages but we look forward to working more closely with all the Rabbitohs fans, players, coaches, staff & sponsors.

Another point worth noting is that we aren’t in competition with the other 3 podcasts. Those shows will in no way take anything away from ours, we’ll actually enhance each other. We believe that the other shows will give listeners extra Rabbitohs content & give you the listener more quality club related audio to download once they’ve finished listening to us (or vice versa).

The Rabbitohs Podcast Network is a first in Australian sports history & marks a turning point in the evolution of digital media in this country. We are absolutely delighted to say that we played a part in making that happen.

We’ll give you more details on the other 3 podcasts as they are released but we can reveal that one of those will be a ‘Top 4’ podcast hosted by Jeremy Monahan, Mark Ellison, Shannon Donato & a special weekly guest. It’s going to be a winner with that talented lineup!


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  1. Fabulous news Lads, I told you it was going to be an enormous year for you 3 legends!! Congrats Boys!!

    Keiran Macklin

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    • Cheers mate thanks for the support & yes you did say that 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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