The Rabbitohs Radio podcast team consisting of Grant Chappell, Darren Brown & Steve Mavin would like to ask you to help us connect with the Rugby League and Rabbitohs community around the globe. We are posting this article to provide some examples of ways you can assist our podcast in gaining a wider audience.  

The most important thing we’d like for you to do is download & press play on each new podcast we release on the Rabbitohs Podcast Network. If this is the only thing that you have time to do then we’ll be extremely grateful for that, as it will count as a listen in your region & show up in our analytics.

We reach a lot of people, for example our latest post sharing our Campbell Graham episode reached 12652 people on Facebook alone. The problem is that a lot of those people don’t actually listen to the podcast. This is a situation we need to change.

We’ll provide links below to all our main podcast sites but our biggest platform is Apple Podcasts with 70% of our audience. Next biggest for us is Spotify 14% with others platforms like Google Podcasts sharing the remaining 16% of our listeners.

It would be great if you could subscribe on Apple Podcasts (Rabbitohs Podcast Network), leave a 5-star review & encourage your network to do the same. You can also do the same on most other podcast apps & on Spotify we ask people to follow us.  

If you aren’t aware, Apple Podcasts comes installed on iPhones & for Android phones people mostly use Spotify or Google Podcasts, plus there’s dozens of other Podcast apps that will work on any phone.

So, the first thing is to press that play button on our podcast, but we’d love it if you became a regular listener & found the hour or so it takes each week to listen to the whole episode.

You are reading this on our website & we also have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok & a YouTube channel all Rabbitohs Radio, so if you can follow as many of those as possible that would be great. We also have a Rabbitohs Radio Podcast Listeners group on Facebook that you’d be welcome to join as well.

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Across all these socials if you can please like, comment & share whenever possible. The repost app is also a great way to duplicate posts we make on your own Instagram. You can also just share our posts on your Instagram or Facebook story.

Other ways to help are to download the YouTube app then subscribe to our YouTube channel, like, share & comment on our videos.

On Twitter please re-tweet, like & comment on our posts & if you have TikTok then the same applies there – share, like & comment.  

On top of all of this, word of mouth, actually talking about us to your friends & even better holding their phone & physically subscribing/following to our podcast on their behalf because often people aren’t aware of how to do it.

All of the information we’ve mentioned above is free to do as long as you have an internet connection & data. Our show is created for the world to listen at no cost.   

We hope that you can find the time to promote our podcast using the methods above or if you have any other way that we haven’t mentioned then that would be terrific too.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

“Up The Mighty Rabbitohs”  

Thanks again.  
Grant, Darren & Steve 

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  1. Keep up the good work boys love Rabbitohs radio the original and the best

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