The 1978 Rabbitohs Jersey Flegg Team

Picture courtesy of the SSR Almanac

Back Row: N.Chesher (Selector), R.Saab (Trainer), F.Annesly (Selector), P.Daunt (Selector), T.Carroll (Selector), M.Fenech

Third Row: J.Jones (Rep Sec), C.Porter, G.Cleary, C.Mullins, R.Sait, D.Donoghue, K.Stewart, B.Brodie (Coach)

Second Row: P.Hartin, M.Jeffries, T.Studdon, P.Chidiac, A.Ferguson, P.Cole, M.O’Shea

Front Row: M.Cain, S.Arneil, G.Smith, G.Dearling (Ballboy), T.Hoskin, J.Fenech, G.Ross Inset: P.Mougios

It’s reported that Alan Ferguson kicked the winning goal from near the sideline to defeat the Tigers in the grand final.