A Snottie Sighting

Today when out for a stroll at Botany Bay we spotted a rather large pink jellyfish close to the shore.

Snottie Jellyfish aka Lions Mane

A similar sighting was reported on October 2012 & said –

According to jellyfish expert Lisa-ann Gershwin, director of the Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service, the animal is Cyanea rosea, more commonly known as the snottie, the lion’s mane or the hair jelly.

’’That is the lovely and stunning Cyanea rosea, and a splendid one indeed,’’ Dr Gershwin said.

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She said the snottie was a close relative to the only jellyfish that has ever been used as a murder weapon, the particular lion mane used in a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

’’It is pink because that is the normal colour of the species, as suggested by its species name, rosea, which is Latin for reddish. It is not a common beast, so you should consider yourself lucky to have seen it, even upside down and washed up,’’ Dr Gershwin said. – The Leader

Rare pink jellyfish in the shire

Lion’s mane jellyfish

Further investigation reveals that a Lions Mane Jellyfish is also known by the scientific name of Cyanea capillata but whatever we saw today it sure was eye catching!