Thank You

Pictures supplied by – Andreas @avi_imaging

Last night was a tough loss but the team did us proud & congrats to the Panthers.

The future is bright for our club & we know that competition number 22 isn’t far away.

Rabbitohs Radio/Rabbitohs TV will be back next year ready to take 2022 head on with our South Sydney content that you can listen to, watch, read, interact with & more.

Look out for more live interviews that we have planned for the off season on our YouTube channel.

We want to thank all the players that gave us their time during the year. Thanks also to the club, coaches & staff for allowing us unprecedented access & support.

Most important of all we want to thank our families & you our loyal fans who have helped us grow & achieve so much since we began in 2019.

Without you we’d have nothing, we love each & every one of you. ❤️💚

Up the mighty Rabbitohs!!