Behind The Scenes At The Captain Run – Rivalry Round – Hame Sele Back Next Week

Chaps and Mavo reporting from Redfern today for Rabbitohs TV. After speaking to coach JD we can reveal that Hame Sele has recovered from a calf injury and will be back next week.

Watch on Rabbitohs TV.
The Rabbitohs warm up at Ironmark High Performance Centre.
Bob McCarthy at Redfern today.
Jason Demetriou fronted the media today as Grant Chappell takes a picture from another angle.
Watch on Rabbitohs TV.
Gus Galan, Michael Tasker & Grant Chappell at the Rabbitohs captains run today.
Grant Chappell takes a pic from the western side of todays press conference.
Tania & Brigitte at Redfern today.
Captain Ben Hissink at the captains run today.
Crew members from the HMAS Albatross
Grant Chappell presents Ben Hornby with a Darrell Lea gift box.