Captain Ben Hissink and the HMAS Supply

“Hi Ben pleased to meet you and thank you for sending us those images of the crew on board the HMAS Supply last year.” I said at Redfern Oval in March this year.

“No problems glad you liked them” said Ben

“What’s your role on the vessel” I asked

“Captain” said Ben

“Of the ship?” I exclaimed rather stupidly

“Yes” said Ben reassuringly.

HMAS Supply Captain Ben Hissink at Ironmark High Performance Centre, Redfern
Watch on Rabbitohs TV.

This is how I met Ben Hissink, the captain of the HMAS Supply, a new Royal Australian Navy vessel commissioned in April 2021. Captain Hissink then invited Rabbitohs TV on a tour of the HMAS Supply and of course we jumped at the chance!

Ben & Browny on board the Supply.
Captain Ben Hissink on the flight deck of the HMAS Supply.

Only minutes after meeting Ben it became clear why he is the man in charge, he’s smart, confident and makes plenty of sense when he speaks.

Ben and his crew have formed a partnership with the Rabbitohs and bring their motto ‘Strengthen The Shield’ with them.

Members of the HMAS crew watch the Rabbitohs train at Redfern.

This powerful message is the cornerstone of a group of men and women who this nation can be proud of. They represent our country with distinction and courage. I have no doubt they will be an enormous asset to the South Sydney club.

HMAS Supply
Captain Ben Hissink at the helm of the HMAS Supply.
Ben Hissink in his captains seat on the bridge.
The HMAS supply ‘under maintenance’ in Sydney Harbour.

By Steve Mavin