NRL Indigenous Round 2022 – South Sydney Rabbitohs

Our 2022 Indigenous Logo

This weekend is the 2022 NRL Indigenous Round in which the rugby league community celebrates the rich culture of the first Australians.

This article presents a selection of images featuring just a few of our Indigenous Rabbitohs from different eras.

Roy Bell
Les Biles
Eric Cain
Beau Champion
Joven Clarke
Owen Craigie
Eric Ferguson
Dane Gagai
Yileen Gordon
Chris Grevsmuhl
Lee Hookey
Greg Inglis
Alex Johnston
Bruce Longbottom
George Longbottom
Kevin Longbottom
Graham Lyons
Nathan Merritt
Latrell Mitchell
Shaquai Mitchell
Wes Patten
David Peachey
James Roberts
Paul Roberts
Eric Robinson
Eric Simms
Chris Sandow
Gerald Symonds
Blake Taaffe
Isaiah Tass
Darrell Trindall
Cody Walker
Rhys Wesser
Claude Williams
Joe Williams
Isaiah Tass, Blake Taaffe, Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker & Alex Johnston wear the Rabbitohs 2022 Indigenous Jersey.

By Steve Mavin with thanks to Colin Whelan and the SSR Almanac.