Latrell Mitchell returns to training with the Rabbitohs

Souths Sydney Rabbitohs fullback Latrell Mitchell returned to the training paddock at Redfern today having recovered from injury and Covid-19 setbacks.

Welcome back big fella!

He’s back!
Chaps one on one with Kodi Nikorima.👆🏻
Richard Nassif & Pete Mamouzelos at Redfern today. © Rabbitohs TV
Chaps one on one with Jai Arrow.👆🏻
Jai Arrow stands before the team. © Rabbitohs TV
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By Steve Mavin & Grant Chappell

A Memorable Night At The Football

By Grant Chappell

What a memorable night out at the football.

I am so grateful that I got to share it with my two daughters, my Rabbitohs TV Co-hosts Browny and Mavo plus all the Souths faithful.

Campbell Graham & Alex Johnston were on fire last night at Accor Stadium.
AJ on the ‘Lethal Left’ last night.
The Rabbitohs TV team.

Nathan Merritt and Alex Johnston, two Indigenous local juniors from proud community’s were the talk of the town.

How’s this for irony, Souths Juniors A grade teams La-Perouse Panthers played the Redfern all Blacks in which AJ and Merro played for as kids respectively were in the curtain raiser game on Indigenous round, the night where one indigenous local legend breaks another’s record, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Lapa v All Blacks

Coincidentally AJ made his debut on the 25th of April 2014 replacing Nathan Merritt in the lineup wearing jumper number #21 and as you know later that year Souths went on to win our 21st premiership, the most by any club in the game.

Between them they have played 396 games for the Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs and amassed a whopping 293 tries.

Let’s not forget the feats of Nathan Merritt who was a member of the team which finished in the bottom 4 in his early years at Souths.

Nathan Merritt scores: Round 8 Brisbane Broncos v South Sydney Rabbitohs at Suncorp, Brisbane, Friday May 3rd 2013. Digital image by Colin Whelan
AJ & Cody at Accor Stadium last night.

Nathan only played in 4 finals matches whilst on the other hand Alex Johnson has played in two grand finals, 16 finals matches scoring 9 tries and he is only 27 years of age, who knows how many tries this bloke will finish on.

Havana, Grant & Samara Chappell.
All smiles for the Chappell girls.

I hope my daughters tell their grandkids that they were at the game when AJ broke his hero Nathan Merritts try scoring record at this famous club.

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Where did it go wrong last night? Broncos 32 Rabbitohs 12 Game Recap

On Rabbitohs TV today we took an in depth look at the Rabbitohs 32-12 loss to the Broncos last night at Accor Stadium, Sydney. In our recap we give an honest evaluation of the performance of both teams in the Thursday night footy clash.

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Many thanks to my co-host Darren Brown for his efforts last night at the game. Browny was a guest of former Rabbitoh Jimmy Smith on his SEN League pre game show (listen below).

Once his radio spot was done Browny took a range of photos of the team warming up pre game. This was the first time he had used our new Sony zoom lens from the grandstand and the images he captured are excellent.

Lachy Ilias & Pete Mamouzelos warm up last night.
Junior Tatola had a night he’d rather forget.
Browny on SEN League last night.
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Reyno ran riot.

By Steve Mavin and Darren Brown

Rabbitohs v Broncos Pre Game Show – “Bunnies 13+” Chaps

Mavo, Browny and Chaps present a Rabbitohs v Broncos pre game show on Rabbitohs TV.

Watch on Rabbitohs TV.

Mavo and Browny are tipping Souths to win in a close game but Chaps thinks the Bunnies will pour on the points and win by 13+.

Rabbitohs TV is brought to you by Darrell Lea.
David Fa’alogo on the burst v the Broncos in 2006
The place to play while the Bunnies are away.

“Six of my relatives played for the Rabbitohs” Emma Lawrence

Rugby league reporter Emma Lawrence loves her job. We know this because she told us yesterday in a chat with Grant Chappell at Redfern Oval on Rabbitohs TV.

Watch Chaps chat with Emma Lawrence on Rabbitohs TV.

Emma grew up in Campbelltown, Sydney where there was “a lot of sport and a lot of rugby league”. Explaining her background Emma told us “My brother played footy and so many of my family played footy…we lived and breathed rugby league.”

Emmas’ brother Chris Lawrence is a West Tigers legend who played 253 NRL games for the club.

“I love coming to Redfern, there’s something special about this place.” Emma Lawrence and George Piggins at Ironmark High Performance Centre, Redfern yesterday.

Six of Emmas relatives played for the Rabbitohs, Jack Lawrence is first grade player number #100 with 63 appearances, 15 tries and 41 goals for the club between 1920-28. Victor Lawrence #116 played for Waterloo before going on to play 95 games and scored 47 tries also between 1920-28.

Both Jack and Victor Lawrence won multiple premierships for the Rabbitohs in 1925, 1926, 1927 and 1928, a golden era for the club.

“We actually supported the Bunnies growing up…my pop loved the Bunnies so we’d go to his place and he’d sit there with a beer and we’d watch the Rabbitohs every time…it’s pretty special to know that I’ve got a bit of a family history with the Rabbitohs.”

Emma hosts the Monday Scrum on Triple M.

Emma Lawrence is a well respected rugby league presenter on Channel Nine and also on Triple M NRL, she does a great job and that is no suprise considering her family upbringing and rugby league connection.

Emma admitted to a few nerves when meeting George Piggins yesterday but did a nice job with the Souths icon for a segment on the 6pm news.

Emma “George is it pretty special to come back to Redfern?” George “I’ve done it since I was a kid in 1964.”

Emma Lawrence (left) and Michell Bishop interview Jason Demetriou at Redfern Oval.
Emma brother Chris Lawrence is a West Tigers legend.

By Steve Mavin and Grant Chappell

“My first thought was that’s a send off, he’s got to go” Grant Chappell on the Karl Lawton spear tackle.

On Rabbitohs TV this evening Grant Chappell gave us a comprehensive recap of the Rabbitohs 40-22 victory over the Sea Eagles on Friday at Central Coast Stadium, Gosford.

Chaps pulled no punches and told us he thought Karl Lawton had to go after he lifted Souths skipper Cameron Murray into a dangerous position in the 8th minute of the game.

The NRL match review committee agreed and Lawton will spend up to four weeks off the field if he takes the early plea or five weeks if he chooses to fight the charge and is found guilty.

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Chaps covers all the game action in our video and also points out that big Tommy Burgess has become ‘our most capped Burgess brother’.

Breanda Tillitzki and former Rabbitoh Beau Champion at Central Coast Stadium.

The Rabbitohs move on to a blockbuster clash with the Broncos on Thursday at Accor Stadium, Sydney. The return of Adam Reynolds to face his former team is going to be huge.

The Lawton tackle.
Game highlights.
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Trevor Gillis bought a Darrell Lea Bilby.

By Steve Mavin

Rabbitohs Beat Dragons – Latrell Mitchell Injured – Lachy Ilias Stars – Souths Players Association (SPA)

The Rabbitohs defeated the Dragons today after losing Latrell Mitchell early in what is being reported as a hamstring injury.

In a much needed win Lachlan Ilias had another big game, Keaon Kolomatangi was brilliant and Campbell Graham was outstanding. The Rabbitohs overall weren’t great, completing at just 71% but there were some good signs that the team is improving.

Davvy Moale made an instant impact with his first run of the game allowing the team to roll forward for Keaon Koloamatangi to score in the 34th minute.

Helping the Bunnies cause was a performance from the Dragons that can only be described as dreadful.

The Souths old boys made the trip to Accor Stadium tonight to witness the win.

Ziggy Niszczot (right) at The Juniors Kingsford.
Graham Lyons & George Longbottom at The Juniors Kingsford.

Club legends Les Davidson, Rocky Laurie & Ziggy Niszczot were among the group who started the day at The Juniors Kingsford before making their way out to the game.

Rocky Laurie & Gary Wright at The Juniors Kingsford

Darren Brown & Grant Chappell from Rabbitohs TV were both at the game to host the post match function in the P&O Members Deck. Browny & Chaps interviewed Liam Knight on stage in front of the Rabbitohs members.

Gerald Symonds & Grant Chappell at Accor Stadium.
The Souths players families.
Davvy Moale & his mum.
Souths old boys at Accor.
Nashy & friends at the footy today
Sean Garlick & Ross Harrington at the Churchill Club.
Watchn on Rabbitohs TV

By Steve Mavin

Jamie Simpson – from Rocky to the Rabbitohs

Grant Chappell had a chat today with Rabbitoh #1063 Jamie Simpson from his home in Rockhampton.

“I don’t think any club in the NRL has any fans like us” Jamie Simpson
Watch on Rabbitohs TV.

Jamie played 37 games for the Rabbitohs between 2008-2010 scoring 16 tries.

Jamies’ story is a great one, he beat cancer and shattered his thumb before he finally found his feet at the Rabbitohs. Jamie told Chaps that the “Souths family took me in” and he still supports the club to this day.

Bulldogs v Souths, ANZ Stadium, Friday 30th July 2010. Digital Image by Renee McKay
Jamie Simpson scores for the Bunnies in round 16 Rabbitohs v Knights at Energy Australia Stadium Newcastle Friday 29th of June 2009. Digital image by Renee McKay
Jamie Simpson applauds the crowd. NRL Rugby League, Round 18 South Sydney Rabbitohs v Parramatta Eels at Sydney Olympic Stadium, Saturday July 12th 2008. Digital image by Colin Whelan.

Behind The Scenes At The Captain Run – Rivalry Round – Hame Sele Back Next Week

Chaps and Mavo reporting from Redfern today for Rabbitohs TV. After speaking to coach JD we can reveal that Hame Sele has recovered from a calf injury and will be back next week.

Watch on Rabbitohs TV.
The Rabbitohs warm up at Ironmark High Performance Centre.
Bob McCarthy at Redfern today.
Jason Demetriou fronted the media today as Grant Chappell takes a picture from another angle.
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Gus Galan, Michael Tasker & Grant Chappell at the Rabbitohs captains run today.
Grant Chappell takes a pic from the western side of todays press conference.
Tania & Brigitte at Redfern today.
Captain Ben Hissink at the captains run today.
Crew members from the HMAS Albatross
Grant Chappell presents Ben Hornby with a Darrell Lea gift box.