John Sattler Sings Souths Victory Song On SEN 1170

A magical moment was captured on SEN 1170 radio earlier today when Rabbitohs legend John Sattler sang the team victory song for his son Scott on his show Sportsday.

Listen to Satts sing on Rabbitohs TV
Scott & John Sattler
John Sattler
John Sattler front & centre

Rabbitohs Victory Song Lyrics

And now that we’re all round the bar
and the captain’s declared it a quorum
we’re drinking our way through the night
and we’re having the time of our lives
throw the empties away, start again – start again

for the boys of South Sydney are together

and we’ll drink till dawn breaks again
and may the sessions of South Sydney last forever.

Oh! we never stagger, never fall
We sober up on pure alcohol
Our royal sons go marching up for more
We’ll guzzle, guzzle, guzzle and we’ll tip it down our muzzle

And we’ll sing out the order loud and clear: More beer!

And we’ll drink all night until we’re very tight
At the shades of wherever we are
Six hefty forwards and seven greasy backs
And plenty rabbit barrackers to keep the bludgers back

When the skin and hair is flying and the slaughter has begun

Three cheers for the good, old Rabbitohs
For the victory we have won
Up the Rabbitohs!

S1 E3 Featuring Craig Coleman

In this episode we look back at the Rabbitohs 20-16 round 19 win over the Dragons at ANZ Stadium, discuss the Souths pathways teams results, interview Bunnies legend Craig ‘Tugger’ Coleman & look ahead to the round 20 Sharks clash that we would go on to lose 39-24 at Shark Park. Browny & Mavo also share their memories of the Cronulla Sharks.

Craig Coleman

A Cheeky, irrepressible halfback, Craig Coleman played a record 283 grade games with Souths. Coleman was a tyro behind the scrumbase; able to mobilise his forwards with sharp passing and providing great service to his outside backs. He played for Widnes in 1986-87, where he left under a cloud when he preferred to play second grade, and for Hull in 1988-89. After a decade with the Rabbitohs, he left the club at the end of 1992 to play with Salford in England. The following year, Coleman returned to Australia after the February 1 deadline and threatened to take the ARL to court when denied a clearance to play with the G’Coast club. (He played in the Souths A Grade competition for the remainder of the year). Coleman brought his experience to the fore with the struggling Seagulls club in 1994-5 and despite his veteran status, saw out his career with Wests in 1996. But his heart was always at Souths, and he returned to the club as a lower grade coach before taking over from Steve Martin midway through 1998. Coleman was at the helm of the Rabbitohs when they were excluded from the 2000 NRL competition and fought for two years for the right to be included in the premiership competition. It was only fitting then, when Souths returned in 2002, that Coleman was back as first grade coach but the move was not a success. After the Rabbitohs struggled to be competitive in 2002 and in pre-season trials in 2003, Coleman was sacked by the club.

Craig Coleman played 207 first grade games for the South Sydney Rabbitohs
“We marched for our football team,” said Rabbitohs great Craig Coleman. “We were the most historic club in the league and we weren’t going to be thrown out. It wasn’t right. George Piggins, John Sattler & Craig Coleman march to the Sydney Town Hall to protest the Rabbitohs exclusion from the competition in 2000. Craig speaks about the fight against Rupert Murdoch & News Corp in Episode 3
Mike Gibson features Craig Coleman in 1987

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Long-term South Sydney Rabbitohs supporters ready for an on-field victory in NRL grand final