“I follow the Bunnies with heart and passion” Karina Haase


Karina Haase is a German lady who discovered the South Sydney Rabbitohs around 6 years ago after she saw some rugby footage online.

Karina Haase

Although rugby league is almost non existent in her country, Karina is a now a big fan on the Bunnies and her favourite players are Damien Cook, Cameron Murray and Latrell Mitchell.

Watch our chat with Karina from Germany.

Karina has never been to Australia but told us it is ‘a dream’ to one day make the trip from her home town of Lauchhammer near Berlin to the land down under so she can ‘experience a game live in the stadium and enjoy the atmosphere’.

Karinas comment on Rabbitohs Fan TV.

Karina subscribes to our Rabbitohs Fan TV YouTube channel and regularly live chats and comments on our videos. She also enjoys getting involved with our Instagram posts.

“I follow the Bunnies with heart and passion” Karina Haase

Most of the time when we see people interact with us from overseas it’s Aussie expats but that’s not the case with Karina, she is a sports fan that just found the mighty Rabbits and was hooked.

This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken to a foreign fan, regular viewers of our channel will remember our chat with Ryan McGee from the USA who also discovered the Bunnies and then became a fan of Rabbitohs Fan TV.

Our chat with Ryan from the USA.

Across Australia and around the globe the mighty Rabbitohs are the team that people love. SSTID.

By Steve Mavin