Latrell Mitchell, Eric Simms, Munkimuk & Dan The Man

On our Indigenous Round podcast we interview Latrell Mitchell & also chat to the legendary Munkimuk. Our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Eric Simms & we hear from Danny Allende.

Latrell Mitchell #1154

Latrell Mitchell – South Sydney Player Report

Eric Simms #540

Eric Simms – South Sydney Player Report

Indigenous Rugby League Team of the Century


Munkimuk Wikipedia

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Munk goes to Legoland

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Danny Allende

The forgotten story of … Claude Williams, the Rabbitohs’ sport-hopper

Rabbitoh Gallery

“Theres something special about this club”: Big Tom Burgess on Benny, Bunnies and calling Australia home

Get the Winning Edge with Reading the Play

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There’s Many A Slip – Crash & The Crapenters

Chris Carpenter & the boys from Crash allowed us to use their new song ‘There’s Many A Slip’ on this weeks show. The words are extremely relevant at the moment “Just get back up…the brightest dawn can follow the darkest night!”.

As we were making the video clip to accompany the music we realised that the bands’ name is actually Crash & The CRAPenters not CARPenters. We just assumed that the band took its name from ‘Carpos’ surname but no they have put a little punk style twist on the word. Carpo has assured us that it’s ok & it happens all the time but we’d still like to apologise to the boys from the band. We have amended the title to the correct spelling wherever it was possible to do so. You can be assured that in the future we won’t be making the same mistake again. Good luck with the new song Crash!

We mentioned on this weeks show that we’d post the song for you to have a listen so here it is.

There’s Many A Slip – Crash & The Crapenters
There’s Many A Slip was inspired by lead singer Chris Crapenters meeting with Souths legend John Sattler