Young Henrys at The Redfern

The Rabbitohs Fan TV crew watched the Bunnies big win at The Redfern last night, a Young Henrys venue that is ‘The Rabbitohs Pride Of Redfern’.

The Rabbitohs Pride Of Redfern.
Shannon and Dan did a great job with the raffles last night.
Young Henrys Hazy Pale Ale.
Former Rabbitohs at The Redfern last night.

By Steve Mavin

Look Over Your Shoulders We’re Coming – Game Recap

Chaps and Mavo examine the Rabbitohs huge 26-0 win over the Eels last night at CommBank Stadium on Rabbitohs Fan TV. Mavo described the win as ‘total domination’ and Chaps compared it to ‘Smoked Eel’.

Chaps was well prepared in the studio today.
Watch our game recap.

Are the bunnies the real deal? #nrl

♬ original sound – TryLine
An enjoyable night watching the game at The Redfern.
Brendo the Bunny.

By Steve Mavin

Clinical – Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Clinical. That’s what that win was for Souths. Ruthless. And you know what else it was? A statement to the teams we have ahead of us on the ladder including upcoming opponents Penrith and the Cowboys. We’re coming for you! They are playing with a certainty and a confidence that has been built brick by brick over the last few weeks. With that comprehensive win in the bank they are standing even taller. And keeping Parramatta scoreless also spoke volumes about our commitment with and without the ball. I was cheering the team on from New Yok were the game kicked off at 6am – I’ve never been more excited to set the early alarm! I bounced out of bed like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning!!

Trell Mit ❤️💚 Image – South Sydney Rabbitohs

That victory was built from the opening part of the game when Souths established great field position. We were relentlessly making excellent ground – every one of our ball carriers were just eating up the metres. And they were defending like their lives depended on it to keep the Eels pinned in their end. It was one of the most dominant starts to a game by Souths that I can remember.

Like Christmas morning for Steve in New York.

We lost young Ilias with a hamstring injury late but Hawkins filled in like he’s been playing first grade every week. His kicking and his play with the ball was efficient and mature and proved to be a major part of our victory platform. It was also pleasing to see the other young guns like Tass and Izaac Thompson and rookie forwards like Sele, Havili, Moale who all turned up to play and to provide amazing support for Cam Murray, Cody Walker, Junior Tatola, Koloamatangi and Alex Johnston. And it was both their attack and defence that made it such a fine effort. Defence goes unnoticed most times but our players were putting in the work – it’s not as glamourous as a line break or a try but now it has become the backbone of our success. Latrell was once again in his element every time he touched the ball and he made yards and broke the line at will. And it all looks effortless.

Game highlights.

I think Souths put the game away early in the second half when Parramatta made a strong start with coach Brad Arthur’s words no doubt still ringing in their ears. They were playing like Souths did in the first half, but we stood our ground and our defence held and we eventually forced them into errors. The Eels did force two dropouts – and Souths decided to kick short both times. For the life of me, I can’t understand the thinking behind this. It just puts us under more pressure if we can’t get the ball back. Tonight we didn’t get the ball back and even gave away a penalty. In a tight game this could blow up in our face. But thankfully Souths defence was up to the job to keep out Parra’s probing attack.

The ref did his best to keep the Eels in the game with a few questionable penalties and six agains in the second half. I thought Cody was unfairly punished after making a solid ball and all tackle – Eels were given six again because the ref said he was holding the player down which he didn’t. Young Thompson showed a little inexperience not stepping inside near the line and spilled a couple of balls as well – but he’ll be better for the run. But our error rate was fairly low tonight. What I liked was how they played after the errors – they contained the damage and got on with it. This team has become a locomotive that will be impossible to derail.

It’s a short turnaround for our next game against the Panthers and I’m hoping we get some Grand Final revenge. If Souths can maintain this form and build on it no one can stop us. And with Campbell Graham and Tom Burgess coming back into the side next week we’ll be even stronger. Souths are on a mission and really timing their run perfectly. The other teams have been put on notice – our run for premiership glory is well and truly under way. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

Stephen Fenech
Stephen Fenech in the Tech Guide studio.

Captains Run – Rabbitohs v Eels

By Steve Mavin and Grant Chappell reporting from Ironmark High Performance Centre, Redfern this morning.

Rabbitohs rookie number seven Lachlan Ilias didn’t train today at the captains run with Dean Hawkins filling in at half back. Taane Milne was wearing the back top 17 shirt so may be a late inclusion as well.

Chaps one on one with Rabbitohs coach Jason Demetriou today.
Latrell talked about shooting 10 over at the tough Coast Golf Club this week.
Todays narrated highlights.
Trell at training today.
Jason Demetriou had a chat to Souths legends Mike Cleary & Bob McCarthy at Redfern this morning.
Birdman on his bike made an appearance at Redfern today.
Captain Cameron Murray at Redfern today.

Team List Tuesday – Rabbitohs v Eels – Tom Out & Hame In

Thomas Burgess has a groin strain and won’t play this Friday against the Eels but Hame Sele makes his return to the team.

Watch our TLT v Eels show
Team List Tuesday – Rabbitohs v Eels.

The Bunnies take on the Eels in round 22 on Friday night in yet another important game for the clubs top 4 hopes.

Parramatta sit just one win ahead of Souths in 5th position on the NRL ladder but the team in blue and gold have a plus 54 point differential compared to our plus 108 so a win will see us leap frog them into 5th position and help our chances of an all important final 4 finish to the regular season.

Isaiah Tass, Latrell Mitchell, Damien Cook and Kodi Nikorima at Redfern this morning.

Adding to the intrigue of this weekend are 2 other big clashes that could help our cause. The Panthers meet the 4th placed Storm on Thursday night and the Cowboys meet the Roosters, all top 8 clashes.

Captain Cameron Murray.
Our chat with Daniel Suluka Fifita.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are pleased to announce their NRL squad for round 22 against the Eels at CommBank Stadium to be played this Friday 12 August at 7:55pm.

That Junior Tatola smile.

Rabbitohs Head Coach Jason Demetriou has named Hame Sele to return from injury in the front row with Daniel Suluka Fifita shifting to the extended interchange bench.

Our chat with Lachlan Ilias today.

The Rabbitohs NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg Cup teams will take on the Parramatta Eels in round 22. The NSW Cup game will be a curtain raiser to the NRL fixture at CommBank Stadium on Friday 12 August at 5:30pm, with the Jersey Flegg Cup match commencing at 3pm on Saturday 13 August at Ringrose Park.

Our chat with Jaxson Paulo today.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs’ NRL squad for Friday’s round 22 clash with the Eels is:
1) Latrell Mitchell
2) Alex Johnston
3) Jaxson Paulo
4) Isaiah Tass
5) Izaac Thompson
6) Cody Walker
7) Lachlan Ilias
8) Junior Tatola
9) Damien Cook
10) Hame Sele
11) Keaon Koloamatangi
12) Jai Arrow
13) Cameron Murray (c)
14) Blake Taaffe
15) Mark Nicholls
16) Siliva Havili
17) Davvy Moale
18) Taane Milne
19) Dean Hawkins
20) Daniel Suluka Fifita
21) Shaquai Mitchell
22) Josh Mansour
Head Coach – Jason Demetriou

Darren Brown in the Rabbitohs Fan TV studio today.

The Rabbitohs NSW Cup squad for Friday’s match up with the Eels is:
1) Jacob Gagai (c)
2) Josh Mansour
3) Jake Tago
4) Richie Kennar
5) Cody Hodge 6) Jack Campagnolo
7) Dean Hawkins
8) Hugo Patterson
9) Peter Mamouzelos
10) Shaquai Mitchell
11) Maila Chanfoon
12) Ben Lovett
13) Trent Peoples
14) Shannon Gardiner
15) Tyson Hodge
16) D’Arcy Hardman
17) Yileen Gordon
18) Tristan Alvarado
Coach – Dane Dorahy

Junior & Izaac.
Our chat with big Tom today.
Watch our narrated training footage.
Sauce & Stretch.
Darrell Lea Dads Bag.

The Rabbitohs Jersey Flegg Cup squad for Saturday’s game against the Eels is:
1) Tyrone Munro
2) Wesley Bruines
3) Leon Te Hau
4) Lachoneus Paki
5) Deijion Leugaimafa
6) Dion Teaupa
7) Mitchell Chester
8) Thomas Giles (c)
9) Romano Cook
10) Isaiah Vailalo
11) Taine Woodford
12) Dranza Hawe-De-Thierry
13) Jaxson Rahme
14) Keahlan Bray
15) TJ Toevai
16) Lachlan Gale
17) Cecil Lahood
18) Trent Griffiths
19) Josh Rizk
20) William Abou Arrage
Coach – Leon Latulipe

Ellie & Pete from the Park Cafe on Chalmers.

Look over your shoulders, we're coming! Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0 Game Recap Show RABBITOHS FAN TV

Chaps & Mavo examine the Rabbitohs smoking of the Eels last night.    Follow the Rabbitohs Fan TV socials:  ►  Facebook:  ►  Instagram:  ►  Twitter:  ►  Website:  ►  TikTok:   Please support our sponsors:  ► Darrell Lea:  ► The Juniors:  ► NGFarah:  ► Banabi Water:  ► Georges Cameras:   #RabbitohsFanTV #Subscribe #Sport   Subscribe – — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Look over your shoulders, we're coming! Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0 Game Recap Show
  2. Rabbitohs Training Audio Highlights – Captains Run v Eels
  3. "He was just tough & a real presence on the field" Jason Demetrious' favourite all time Rabbitoh.
  4. Rabbitohs Training Sounds From The Stands
  5. "It's been my dream to play for the Rabbitohs" Daniel Suluka Fifita

By Steve Mavin

Bunnies Beat Warriors – Game Recap Show – Rabbitohs 48 Warriors 10

Mavo, Chaps & Browny take a look at the Rabbitohs big 48-10 win over the Warriors at Sunshine Coast Stadium on Rabbitohs Fan TV.

Watch on Rabbitohs Fan TV.👆🏻

We went live this morning and Browny joined us from Kings Beach, Caloundra.

“When a family supports together, they stay together” Emma Maxson
Mavo, Chaps & Browny recap the Bunnies big win.
Ryan Girdler caught up with his old teammate Browny at the footy yesterday.

Look over your shoulders, we're coming! Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0 Game Recap Show RABBITOHS FAN TV

Chaps & Mavo examine the Rabbitohs smoking of the Eels last night.    Follow the Rabbitohs Fan TV socials:  ►  Facebook:  ►  Instagram:  ►  Twitter:  ►  Website:  ►  TikTok:   Please support our sponsors:  ► Darrell Lea:  ► The Juniors:  ► NGFarah:  ► Banabi Water:  ► Georges Cameras:   #RabbitohsFanTV #Subscribe #Sport   Subscribe – — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Look over your shoulders, we're coming! Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0 Game Recap Show
  2. Rabbitohs Training Audio Highlights – Captains Run v Eels
  3. "He was just tough & a real presence on the field" Jason Demetrious' favourite all time Rabbitoh.
  4. Rabbitohs Training Sounds From The Stands
  5. "It's been my dream to play for the Rabbitohs" Daniel Suluka Fifita

By Steve Mavin

Bunnies Brilliance – Team Performance Analysis 1-17

By Steve Mavin

Latrell Mitchell ‘Trell Mit’

Of the 13 Rabbitohs players that took the field to start the game against the Warriors on Saturday, 12 of them ran for over 100 metres.

The only player who didn’t knock up a tonne was fullback Latrell Mitchell, his total was 66 metres. Latrell did however get an early shower with 18 minutes left on the clock after he scored 2 tries, 2 try assists, 2 line breaks, 3 tackle busts, 2 line break assists, 3 offloads and kicked 8 goals from 8 attempts for a total of 24 points in one of the greatest individual Rabbitohs performances of all time.

While the metres gained stat is usually a good indicator of solid performance, Latrells underwhelming total does not give a true indication of his domination of the opposition on ‘Super Saturday’.

It’s true that the Warriors can’t be considered quality opposition but the Rabbitohs still had to take advantage and ‘Trell Mit’ certainly did that.

An all time performance by Latrell.

Cameron Murray – Captain Courageous

Rabbitohs captain Cameron Murray was simply sensational in the middle and the boys from across the ditch had no answer for his power running, exquisite ball play and rock solid defence.

At 3.07pm after Cam had just passed Lachlan Ilias the ball for the opening try Grant Chappell sent myself and Darren Brown a message that read “The Warriors can’t handle Murrays speed around the ruck”.

Minutes later Cam sliced through the Warriors pack to send Damien Cook over for a try then did it again gifting Junior Tatola his four pointer.

Chaps was right as usual and captain Cam had 3 try assists before the 17th minute of the game then produced 20 runs, 191 metres, a line break and 35 tackles with no misses.

Cams number one fan Browny was at the game and told us later that “Cam was outstanding”.

Watch our game recap.

Lachlan Ilias – The Solid Seven

Lachy opened the scoring for his team and while the pass from Cam was a good one he still had a bit to do to get the ball over the stripe. This kid can beat defenders, digs into the line in attack to set up his teammates and has no fear in defence.

A big shot from Warriors hooker Freddy Lussick was an example of our rookie half backs courage in the face of often brutal defence to create space for his outside backs. Freddy was on a mission and played well making 42 tackles but Lachy had the last laugh with a try assist, 13 runs for 113 metres and a good kicking game.

Junior Tatola – Our JT

Besides being one the nicest blokes you will ever meet, Tevita ‘Junior’ Tatola is in career best form this season.

Scoring tries and running for 200 metres is becoming the norm for our starting prop and he just goes about his business with a determination that fans like me are absolutely loving. Bring on this tough run home to the finals, Junior is ready.

Alex Johnston – AJ All Day

With yet another try down the lethal left on Saturday AJ took his career total to a lofty 159 which moved him to equal 8th all time alongside Matt Sing and Hasem El Masri.

The next few legends in his sights on the list are ‘The Prince of Brookie’ Brett Stewart 7th 163 tries, Terry ‘Baa’ Lamb 6th 164 tries, Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen 5th 164 tries on his way to the top spot of 212 held by Ken Irvine.

The way he’s going it’s entirely possible that AJ will be in the top 5 scorers by seasons end and the bookies would have him at shorts odds to finish as the games greatest try scorer before he hangs up the boots.

Izaac Thompson – A Try On Debut

After scoring 20 tries in 16 games in the NSW Cup I was expecting big Izaac to score on debut and he did just that, barging past Reece Walsh to score a tremendous try in the right corner.

An NRL debut is special, a try in that debut is a dream come true. Izaac also pulled off a magnificent try saving tackle on top of his 17 runs for 175 metres giving coach JD something to think about when Campbell Graham returns to the team.

A big try scoring body on the right wing is an appealing thought but I suspect that Jaxson Paulo might still be ahead of him in the pecking order…for now.

Jaxson did his job in the centres, took the tough carries and ran for over 100 metres.

Keaon Koloamatangi & Jai Arrow – That One Two Punch

Another 80 minute barnstorming performance on the right edge from our star Mascot junior.

Smiles all round after full time yesterday.

Keaon is unstoppable at times and his try in the 21st minute where he just brushed off a one on one defender was pretty to watch. More and more of the same please mate.

Special mention to his back row partner Jai Arrow who also played 80 minutes and pumped out 12 runs for 105 metres and 36 tackles thank you very much.

The Keaon and Jai back row combo is the nuts and bolts of this forward pack, they both can play the whole game and their contribution is priceless.

Isaiah Tass – Metre Man

Isaiah went close to scoring on a couple of occasions on the left side and while he could have passed to AJ a few times, I like the fact that he backs himself when he sniffs a gap and takes them on.

19 runs for 188 metres in an NRL game gets a big tick from his coaches.

Damien Cook – Shake & Bake

A nice try from our rep hooker, is there a better sight than seeing Cookie darting in, around and past the opposition to score under the posts?

Our Blues star rake also had a try assist and helped himself to 12 runs for 141 metres, love your work mate.

Daniel Suluka Fifita – DSF YES

Big Dan the Matto Tiger junior was excellent again pounding out 15 runs for 135 metres and some bone jarring tackles.

DSF keeps improving and looks happy to be home.

Cody Walker – Run Free

17 runs for over 100 metres from your five eight is great production and it was good to see Cody in the clear cutting through the defence and playing a bit of footy. More magic moments to come, stay tuned.

Davvy Moale – Damaging

I’m a huge fan of big Davvy and his work off the bench was another step to becoming an essential forward in this team.

In limited minutes his 9 runs for 111 metres were impressive but his 43 post contact metres were most noticeable of all and were among the best of anyone on the field. Davvy is as strong as a bull and defences feel the strain when he runs the football.

The future looks bright for our young gun prop.

Blake Taaffe – Taaffey Touch

Taaffey had a real spring in his step when he got out there and looked dangerous every time he got the ball. That 14 spot may be his to lose now.

Mark Nicholls – The Goats Back

Nico gave his team another valuable contribution off the bench, churning through 11 runs for 139 metres on the way to ticking every box required from our bench forwards. Welcome back Nico!

Siliva Havili – Hope You’re Ok Liva

One of the stars of our season Liva was good again until what looked like a leg injury ended his day early. Hope your alright mate we need you healthy.

Game highlights.

“Cam Murray in a class of his own” – Rabbitohs 48 Warriors 10

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Today Souths showed they have the right formula to beat any team. Error-free football, offloading, backing up the ball carrier, completing our sets and rock-solid defence. That’s exactly what was on show today and the points were just flowing. And it was great to see our younger players shining today as well with strong, focused and mature performances. Souths were the strong favourites against the Warriors today, but I believe the level of intensity and efficiency they showed this afternoon would have beaten anyone.

Latrell Mitchell was on fire today.

It was an absolute try-fest for Souths (my four leg multi got up before halftime!) thanks to our superior field position and high completion rate. But what was also impressive were how many of our tries came from nothing. Thanks to our support play, we managed to find the line and get that scoreboard ticking over. A classic example of this was when Latrell picked up an offload about 15m out and his sheer strength and ability saw him crash over under the posts. Up to that point, Latrell had a quiet start to the game – he was biding his time at the back but when he decided to get involved it was just effortless. He threw the last pass before a try a few times today, scored two tries and his goal-kicking was also on point.

NRL game highlights.

Special mention needs to go to Cam Murray who was in a class of his own today. He set up the first three tries, made more tackles than the rest of the forward pack put together and led by example in every possible way. A real captain’s knock. He is a dead-set machine! He had plenty company across the park with Jai Arrow and Junior Tatola again always close to the action with the ball and heavily involved in defence. In fact, it was a couple of Arrow offloads that led to tries.

2 tries and 8 from 8 from Latrell Mitchell.
Davvy Moale was great off the bench today.

And even when the scoreboard was ticking over Souths didn’t take their foot off the pedal. You could see the same intensity with the ball and in defence even when the game was well and truly won and there were just a few minutes to go. I was worried that history would repeat itself after Souths led 26-0 at halftime the last time we played the Warriors in Magic Round. That day we only managed to scrape home 32-30. There were no such worries today, Souths came out for the second half as if it was 0-0 and they were starting all over again.

Liva, DSF & Keaon after full time today.

Izaac Thompson made a fine debut on the wing today and was even rewarded with a try. He’s a big unit this kid and he showed he’s got the size and skill for first grade. Inside him, Isaiah Tass continues to improve week after week and today he was always finding space with the ball and making some great tackles and defusing the Warriors attack. Daniel Suluka-Fifita was also a brilliant starter taking over from the suspended Tom Burgess.

Six Bunnies on the Sunshine Coast.

Oddly enough, despite having 59 per cent possession and dominant field position, Souths had more dropouts than the Warriors after we were tackled in our in-goal area. But I just want to state plain and simple here – I am NOT a fan of the short dropout. It’s a roll of the dice I’m not comfortable with. I preferred it when they roofed it 60m to keep the opposition away from our tryline. I don’t know why this has become a thing of late but I for one would prefer not to have the heart attack especially in a tight game.

Both Junior & Jaxson were great today.
Watch Garlo interview Sam Burgess.

And what’s with all the forward passes today. The worst one was when Latrell offloaded near our line after a kick. Just take the tackle and we get another five plays after that. There were also some passes in general play that the ref called forward. In a closer game this could prove costly. But overall it was an absolute pleasure to see Souths dominate a game like that. Easier on the arteries as well.

Josh Kemp and Michael Tasker in the Burrow today.

Next week we must aim up again like we did today we take on Parramatta who have found a bit of form. We seem to play well against the Eels and absolutely mauled them in the rain at Homebush in our last encounter a few weeks ago. This week, they are playing at home, so we need to be at our best to continue our march to the semi-finals. There’s something in the air and Souths appear to be in a positive frame of mind. We need that to continue plus we’ll be bolstered by the return of Campbell Graham as early as next week. Do we dare to dream of premiership glory?? Go big or go home I say. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

A try on debut for Izaac Thompson
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Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Special thanks to Kelly Brown for the images and videos from Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Sunshine Saturday – Game Day Gallery – Rabbitohs v Warriors

By Steve Mavin

Today at 3pm the Rabbitohs take on the Warriors at Sunshine Coast Stadium in a game that the Bunnies simply must win.

Greg Inglis in action, Warriors v South Sydney, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, Sunday April 15th 2012. Digital image by Wayne Drought.

Souths currently sit 8th on the NRL ladder with 24 competition points and a differential of +70 with just 4 rounds left before the finals after todays clash.

Queensland based Rabbitoh Russell Hansen will be at the game today.

The teams we face in those last 4 games are all above us on the ladder – Eels (28pts +54), Panthers (36pts +294), Cowboys (30pts +208) and the ‘Evil Empire’ aka the Roosters (24pts +107) at the opening of the new Sydney Football Stadium. That is a tough run home and we will need to win a majority of those matches to ensure a finals berth.

The ‘Coal Train’ Dave Taylor : NRL Round 7, Souths v Warriors, MT Smart Stadium , April 15th 2012. Digital Image by Wayne Drought.

Souths overall record against the Warriors is an even split with 19 wins and 19 losses from 38 games since 1995. In magic round earlier this year the Rabbits let a 26-6 halftime lead erode to just a 2 point 32-30 victory.

Magic round highlights.

The Rabbitohs should beat the 13th placed Warriors (12pts -199) when you consider that we have won 11 games compared to their 5 wins but both teams are coming off losses. Souths went down in a golden point thriller 21-20 to the Sharks and the Warriors got the Storms season back on track with a 24-12 defeat.

Sam Burgess on the burst, Round 13 Rabbitohs v Warriors at Perth, Saturday June 7th 2014. Photo by Colin Whelan

The Kiwi team can’t make the finals but you can expect them to come out all guns blazing this arvo to salvage some pride from their season.

The Rabbitohs will need their big guns to return fire so look for Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker to lead us to victory on top of a big performance from our forwards.

Our loyal Queensland based supporters will gather for a pre game function today in Birtinya.

The Bunnies will have loads of support when they take the field today with plenty of red & green locals like Russell Hansen plus we have Darren Brown and the Souths Players Association (SPA) boys in town for a 3 day event that included a function at the Duporth Tavern last night, the game today and the races tomorrow.

Josh Kemp, Michael Tasker and fellow Burrow members are also up north to represent the South Sydney army.

“Izaac Thompson will debut on the wing tomorrow & Jaxson will play in the centres” Jason Demetriou

Jason Demetriou breaks the news that Izaac Thompson will make his NRL debut.

Rabbitohs coach Jason Demetriou has confirmed that Izaac Thompson will debut on the wing tomorrow against the Warriors & Jaxson Paulo will play in the centres.

Taane Milne will be 18th man.

Rabbitohs coach Jason Demitriou at todays captains run. Click image to watch.

By Steve Mavin