John Sattler Sings Souths Victory Song On SEN 1170

A magical moment was captured on SEN 1170 radio earlier today when Rabbitohs legend John Sattler sang the team victory song for his son Scott on his show Sportsday.

Listen to Satts sing on Rabbitohs TV
Scott & John Sattler
John Sattler
John Sattler front & centre

Rabbitohs Victory Song Lyrics

And now that we’re all round the bar
and the captain’s declared it a quorum
we’re drinking our way through the night
and we’re having the time of our lives
throw the empties away, start again – start again

for the boys of South Sydney are together

and we’ll drink till dawn breaks again
and may the sessions of South Sydney last forever.

Oh! we never stagger, never fall
We sober up on pure alcohol
Our royal sons go marching up for more
We’ll guzzle, guzzle, guzzle and we’ll tip it down our muzzle

And we’ll sing out the order loud and clear: More beer!

And we’ll drink all night until we’re very tight
At the shades of wherever we are
Six hefty forwards and seven greasy backs
And plenty rabbit barrackers to keep the bludgers back

When the skin and hair is flying and the slaughter has begun

Three cheers for the good, old Rabbitohs
For the victory we have won
Up the Rabbitohs!

Blake Taaffe, Superman & The Silvertails

On our live show this week we have a chat to Souths fullback Blake Taaffe, our Remembering a Rabbitoh is Dave ‘Superman’ Tyrell & we preview the Sea Eagles Prelim final.

Blake Taaffe #1171

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Blake Taaffe
Browny & Chaps at Ironmark High Performance Centre

Dave Tyrell #1069

Digital Image by Grant Trouville

Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles Prelim Final Match Centre

U17s and U19s Pre-Season Squads Finalised

Drinking in the Rivers Volume 1

LIVE TODAY – Suttos Say 3.30pm | Reynos Home Auction 6.30pm | Juniors Jumbo Online Raffle 6.30pm

It’s Thursday the 16th of September 2021 & there’s 3 huge online events occurring today. Thanks to the beauty of technology you can take part in 1, 2 or all 3!

The first live event is a special edition of our weekly ‘Suttos Say’ segment.

This afternoon from 3.30pm will be the first live edition of Suttos Say allowing you to interact with our 2014 Grand Final winning captain.

Chat with John Sutton live today.

Prize winner Keiran Macklin will be joining us too after he subscribed by email to our website & was drawn out at random on our ‘Team List Tuesday’ show.

During the show today in the live chat section you can show your appreciation & make your comment stand out by purchasing YouTube’s Super Chat & Super Stickers. Prices start at $2 & range up to $50 or more. This is a good way to help out the team at Rabbitohs TV and an even better way to interact with us.

We give everyone a live shoutout that sends us a Super Chat or Super Sticker on the show & today you can ask John Sutton a question that he will respond to using this new feature.

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Events 2 & 3 both take place at the same time but this won’t prevent you from taking part in both simultaneously, here’s why.

Adam Reynolds home auction brought to you by NG Farah Real Estate is taking place via Zoom from 6.30pm & The Juniors Jumbo Online Raffle is also on at 6.30pm. Tickets for the online raffle can be pre purchased with no need to actually watch the live draw so this will allow you to get involved with both events at the same time.

We promoted the sale of our departing club captains home this week in an article comparing it to Graceland, the famous dwelling of the one & only Elvis. This is a rare opportunity for a Souths fans to buy & live in the home of a Rabbitohs legend.

Details of todays Zoom auction can be found HERE.

24 Napoleon St, Rosebery goes up for auction today.

If you aren’t in the market to buy then you can join Anthony Maroon from Triple M who will be drawing $3k in prizes live on The Juniors Facebook page from 6.30pm.

It’s a fun show with our man Maroon & you can interact with him via the text hotline on 0403 589 404.

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The Rabbitohs Mental Health Phoneline –

0466 045 195

The South Sydney Rabbitohs Wellbeing Department would like to inform you of a brand-new service we are providing:



We are privileged to have our Mental Health Ambassador Jed Cartwright, as the face of our phoneline.

We will be offering a comprehensive service for our South Sydney Rabbitohs and extended family i.e. your junior clubs.

We are a Wellbeing Hub for the Rabbitohs. If anyone is experiencing emotional distress and needs to talk to someone, is feeling suicidal, needs assistance to find relative mental health services, needs support or advice, worried about someone, needs to negate a Mental Health plan or Information for family and carers. Please contact us for a confidential conversation with an empathetic trained mental health person.

We are here to listen without judgement.

Anyone who contacts the Mental Health Phoneline will go through a triage process and must be over the age of 18 or have a parent or guardian present with them.

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

The Rabbitohs Mental Health Phoneline

0466 045 195

Jan EarlHead of Wellbeing – South Sydney Rabbitohs

Happy Fathers Day 2021

The Rabbitohs Radio team want to wish all the dads a happy Fathers Day.

This 1968 Rabbitohs champion Presidents Cup team defeated Canterbury 5-0 in the final.

Have a great day dads & up the mighty Rabbitohs!

The 1968 Rabbitohs Presidents Cup team.