Arthur Stephen ‘ASH’ Hennessy – Rabbitoh #1 & the 1908 Bunnies


I’ve always been fascinated by the year the South Sydney Rabbitohs began in 1908. The focal point of the this tale is Arthur Stephen Hennessy nickname A.S.H & I was immediately drawn to the fact that we share the name Stephen spelt with the PH. ASH is Rabbitoh first grade player #1 & I’m #757, he made his debut in 1908 & mine was 1987 but we are both Stephens & Rabbitohs players so for me we share an affinity. I realise it’s only his middle name, the S in the acronym ASH but the man known as the ‘Father Of The Rabbitohs’ and I both suited up for the mighty Rabbits & didn’t spell our name Steven with the V. (Yes I do answer to the shortened version Steve but that’s beside the point!)

The most satisfying discovery I made was to uncover the fact that the first rugby league game ever played in Australia was held on the 21st of March 1908 at Sir Joseph Banks Park Botany. On this historic day a South Sydney Possibles & Probables trial match was played. I was born & bred in Botany, played for the Botany Rams & still live here today but I never knew about this game that ASH took part in was played at a park that I roamed as a kid.

In The Beginning…

The story of the Rabbitohs inaugural season in 1908 & their eventual victory in the first ever Australian rugby league grand final is a tale that Rabbitohs fans will cherish forever.

Stories will endlessly be told about the clubs Redfern origins, it’s 11-7 victory over North Sydney the first time the team took the field & the march to glory over the Roosters in the grand final at the end of that season.

This article takes you through some key points of this time & highlights the involvement of the ‘Father Of The Rabbitohs’ Arthur Hennessy.

Rugby League broke away from Rugby Union in the late 1800s for the simple reason that players weren’t being paid. The greatest game of all was born in England in 1895.

The beginning of South Sydney traces back to early meetings in the Australian test cricketer Victor Trumper’s shop. Trumper is one of the most important figures in the club’s formation.

Five other men also played huge roles in creating the Rabbitohs – Arthur Hennessy, S. George Ball, Johnny McGrath, Billy Cann & Ed “Son” Fry. Early meetings were held in 1907, plans were hatched then finally a meeting took place on 17th January 1908 at Redfern Town Hall Sydney to form the South Sydney District Rugby League Club.

Pictured – Billy Cann, Arthur Hennessy, SG Ball, Johnny McGrath
Redfern Town Hall in 1871

Arthur Stephen Hennessy (nickname ASH) was born in Sydney on the 24th September 1876. Hennessy played hooker & although only a small man at 5ft 8ins (173cm) & 12st. 6lbs. (79kg) he would become a star rugby union player winning a competition with Souths Rugby Union in 1905 & gaining NSW representative honours.

By the time he finally helped create the NSWRL & the Rabbitohs, Hennessy was 31 years old so his career as a rugby league player was relatively short but he would go on to become the first captain of NSW & the Australian Kangaroos.

A trial match was organised between the South Sydney Possibles & Probables on the 21st March 1908 at Sir Joseph Banks Park Botany as a tune up for the upcoming season but also so the players could learn the rules to this newly created game. Englishman Tom McCabe lectured players and officials on the finer points of the new code. This historic match would be the first ever rugby league game played on Australian soil. Hennessy captained the Probables but they were defeated 9-8 by the Possibles led by Bill Cann.

A view of the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel at Botany Bay

On the 20th April 1908 the big one happened, the Rabbitohs first ever competition game in the NSWRL. Hennessy took the field for the Bunnies at Birchgrove Oval as an undersized captain/coach. Arthur Hennessy would earn the honour of being named Souths first grade player number #1. This numbering system was introduced by the club in 2003 & Hennessy was allocated his number then. The modern players like myself have embraced this numbering system with pride. Chris McQueen has his number 1070 boldly tattooed on his neck below is left ear.

Rabbitoh 1070 Chris McQueen

The first ever try scorer for Souths was winger Tommy Anderson (first grade player #2) in the 11-7 win over North Sydney.

Souths would win their next 2 games before suffering defeat for the first time at the hands of arch rivals Eastern Suburbs 13-12 at the Royal Agricultural Society Showground. The Souths v Easts rivalry has been around for as long as the game has existed.

Birchgrove Oval, Sydney the birthplace of the Bunnies

This would be Souths only loss of the season, they would remain undefeated all the way through to the grand final where they turned the tables on Easts to win the game 14-12. This result secured the competition, the first of the clubs 21 premierships, a record that has allowed the Rabbitohs to be continually described as the ‘Pride Of The League’

Hennessy would only play 5 games for Souths in 1908 before leaving for England on board the RMS Macedonia with the 1908-09 Kangaroos with 2 rounds to go before the finals. When their ship stopped over in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) the Rabbitohs players received a telegram from the team saying a simple message “Premiers”.

The tour robbed both Souths & Easts of their best players for the grand final & condemned the game to a contest without the best talent competing. Notable absentees that went on tour for Souths were Arthur Hennessy, Tommy Anderson & Arthur Butler (first grade player #3) while Easts lost the one & only Dally Messenger, Dan Frawley & Sandy Pearce.

Arthur Hennessy suffered a broken jaw on the Kangaroo tour & didn’t play in a test match. Hennessy played a total of 26 games for the Rabbitohs & would go into coach the Rabbitohs & Kangaroos.

Hennessy would create a institution of “running rugby” at South Sydney. He strongly advocated the no kick principle, emphasizing the importance of ball possession to score tries. This came to be the mark of South Sydney’s football with straight running and backing up. The no kick policy produced fast, open football and for Souths a remarkable winning record.

Hennessy was also caught up in the boundary wars with Easts that forced him to play for the tri colours for a short period.

Hennessy moved to Maroubra where he invested in the Maroubra Speedway and in mini-golf, and partly owned the Amusu cinema, Maroubra, living in a cottage opposite the theatre. Survived by his wife, Hennessy died on 19 September 1959 and was buried with Anglican rites in Botany cemetery.

Maroubra Speedway

Glory Glory

After a 43 year drought the Rabbitohs won their 21st premiership in 2014. This victory meant that their legions of fans could celebrate the ‘Pride Of The League’ once again & sing the song ‘Glory Glory to South Sydney….South Sydney marches on’.

Steve Mavin

Albert Clift, George Treweek & Eddie Root

Albert Clift, George Treweek & Eddie Root (image courtesy of Col Whelan)

On Friday 26th June 2020 an image was posted in our newly created Facebook group ‘Rabbitohs Radio Podcast Listeners’ by legendary photographer Col Whelan.

Beneath the photo Col asked the question “Any idea who these blokes are”?

The next day we had our answer thanks to Chris Isouard. In the picture stood three Rabbitohs legends Albert Clift, George Treweek & Eddie Root.

“Albert mentioned this day in a couple of his interviews over the years” said Chris. “Treweek and Root visited him in the early 80s and presented him with some of their playing memorabilia. Like many, Albert was a hero of mine and inspired me as a kid to collect everything Souths”.

Albert Clift

Albert Clift was a former player for South Sydney, former official and director, was the Club’s first mascot back in 1968, held an amazing collection of Rabbitohs memorabilia including the famed timekeeper’s bell from the first game in 1908 & is a Life Member of the Football Club.

Albert Clift
Albert Clift & Russell Crowe ring the famous timekeepers bell in 2002
Russell Crowe purchased the bell for $42000 to ensure it stayed in red & green hands

Eddie Root

Eddie Root (first grade player #139) 109 games & 34 tries was a starting forward in the Rabbitohs golden era of 7 premiership wins between 1925-32. Root had a brilliant career & is rightly regarded as one of the greatest ever Rabbitohs.

Eddie Root

The 1931 Rabbitohs

The 1931 South Sydney Rabbitohs defeated the Eastern Suburbs Roosters 12-7 in the NSWRL grand final. Eddie Root was the hooker & George Treweek played second row.

Second row: Eddie Root, Jack Morrison, Frank O’Connor, George Treweeke (vc), Frank Curran, Harry Eyers, Benny Wearing.
Front row: Jack Why, Jim Tait, Carl Eggen, Paddy Maher (capt), Albert Spillane, Jim Deeley, Perce Williams.
(Picture courtesy of SSR Almanac)

George Treweek

George Treweek (first grade player #153) 119 games & 40 tries was a starting forward in the Rabbitohs golden era of 7 premiership wins between 1925-32. He is a legendary attacking player who was rated as the finest second row forward the game has produced.

George Treweek was once described as “all arms & legs”
George Treweek played 7 tests for the Kangaroos
George & Eddie visit Albert

Jeremy Muir, Roy Asotasi & Doug The Cowboy

On this weeks show we bask in the glory of our 40-12 win over the Warriors, chat to our special guest Souths fan Jeremy Muir, preview the monster clash with the Panthers, Roy Asotasi is our Remembering A Rabbitoh & we talk about Cowboys legendary jouno Doug Kingston.

Remembering A Rabbitoh – Roy Asotasi First Grade Player No #1047

Roy Asotasi is an Auckland junior who became an interchange forward with the Bulldogs in 2003, appeared in all 28 matches for the club in the premiership-winning 2004 season. Although 23 of these games (including the grand final) were from the interchange bench, Asotasi used his mobility and size to good effect at the club. In October that year he made his Test debut in the 16-all draw with Australia before making two more Test appearances for the Kiwis in England during the Tri Nations competition. Asotasi matured as a Test class forward and played in NZ’s victory in the Tri-Nations final in 2005. The following year he became a key signing for the battling Souths club for the 2007 season.

Roy Asotasi Wikipedia

Captain in Focus: Roy Asotasi

Roy Asotasi – South Sydney Player Report

Roy Asotasi Career Stats

Top Moments – Rabbitohs Sign Roy Asotasi

Clark: Asotasi the first domino of success

Rabbitoh Of The Week – Jasmin Mavin & Tony Kingston

Jasmin & Tony relax at home

Our co Rabbitohs Of The Week are Mavos daughter Jas & her boyfriend Tony.

Jasmin went to South Sydney High like her dad, represented Souths in several Oztag State Cups & also in netball. Jas had the word Mavo printed across the back of her year 12 red & green school footy jersey.

Doug was a journalist at the Townsville Bulletin & in 1989 there was a Panasonic Cup game between the Broncos & Eels scheduled to be played in Townsville. Locals formed long lines to buy tickets & Doug seized the opportunity to promote the idea that North Queenland should have their own footy team by writing an article in the paper, meetings were held, committees were formed, the public was consulted & the rest is history.

In an article written in 2015 for the Cowbys 20th anniversary Doug talks about the day he arrived at the NSWRL headquarters with Kerry Boustead;

“The application (for the Cowboys to be included in the competition) was supported by a petition signed by almost 30,000 North Queenslanders, and letters of support from 20 major companies, 11 public sector organisations and 14 politicians.

It was delivered to NSWRL headquarters in Sydney by stagecoach, with Boustead riding up front with a shotgun, and me sitting on the back firing blanks from a starter’s pistol to simulate gunfire and attract attention.

The stagecoach had the desired effect because for the first time, the Cowboys were in the Sydney newspapers and on national television. We would never get away with that sort of trick today. Bowey and I would probably be arrested on suspicion of being terrorists”.

Tony is also a great young DJ & loves his music, when speaking about his dad he said “Besides rugby league my dad was also involved in the sport of basketball in North Queensland. Dad also helped to get Elton John to Townsville & when I once told him about the lack of live music in our home town he managed to help persuade the Groovin The Moo music festival to come to Townsville & that is now a regular event in the town”

The birth of the North Queensland Cowboys

Crowds in Townsville formed long queues to buy tickets to a rugby league game in 1989

The story of the first meeting to form the Cowboys has similarities to the famous meeting to form the South Sydney Rabbitohs. The Rabbitohs officially began on the 17th January 1908 at Redfern Town Hall when administrator J J Giltinan, cricketer Victor Trumper and politician Henry Hoyle gathered together in front of a large crowd of supporters.

History of the South Sydney Rabbitohs

Redfern Town hall – the birthplace of the Rabbitohs

Jeremy Muir

Our guest on the show this week is Souths fan & voice over man Jeremy Muir.

Les Smith

We are pleased to report that doctors managed to salvage all of Les fingers but his rehab will be a long process.

Shane Wilson

Please support former Rabbitoh Shane Wilson

We speak about Browny (1997) & Laurie Fagan (1967-70) on this weeks show

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On our final show for the season we recap the loss to the Panthers, speak to The Everest winning trainer Les Bridge, radio personality Chris Smith & super fan Kye Porrier, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Ashley Harrison, we preview the NRL Grand Final & name our Rabbitoh Of The Week. #RabbitohsRadioPodcast
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  2. Jed Cartwright, Freddy, Bernie & the Panthers
  3. Damien Cook, Michael Cleary & The Eels
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  5. Luke Curry, Ken Stewart & the Chooks

South Sydney Rabbitohs Victory Song

The South Sydney Rabbitohs broke their 3 game losing streak on Saturday afternoon 13th June 2020 at Bankwest Stadium, Sydney with a 32-12 victory over the Gold Coast Titans.

This victory song has traditionally been sung by the team for decades dating back to the Bunnies glory days. We can’t give you the exact date it began to be used but perhaps there’s a Bunnies historian reading this now that could enlighten us. Mavo & Browny love singing the tune because it brings back memories of wins with their mates.

The songs lyrics are-

“Now that we’re all around the bar
And the captains declared it a quorum
We’re drinking our way through the night
And we’re having the time of our lives
Throw the empties away start again, start again
For the boys of South of South Sydney are together
And we’ll drink til the dawn breaks again
May the sessions of South Sydney last forever
Up the Rabbitohs!”

Jason Clark, Number 9 & The Bunnies Are Back!

On this weeks podcast we speak to 2014 premiership winning Rabbitoh Jason Clark, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Darrell ‘Number 9’ Bampton, we examine the big win over the Titans, look forward to the Warriors clash, name our Rabbitoh Of The Week & much more.

Jason Clark (first grade player number 1072)

Jason Clark – South Sydney Player Report

Jason Clark Wikipedia

Jason Clark Career Stats

In His Words: Jason Clark

Rabbitohs forward Jason Clark gets 15 minutes of fame in the United States

Jason Clarks 1st try in the NRL

Remembering A Rabbitoh – Darrell Bampton (first grade player number 559)

Darrell Maxwell Bampton, captain in 1978, had a distinguished career as a player and administrator. Born on 20 June 1949, he was a junior with the Alexandria Rovers, Waterloo and Zetland clubs, was captain of the President’s Cup premiership winning team in 1969 and a member of the third grade premiership winning team the same year.

Darrell played 116 games for Souths in seasons 1969-73 and 1978-79, including 51 in first grade, scoring one try. Bampton was awarded Life Membership of SSDRLFC in 1994, and on Monday 9 June 2009, his talents were recognised by the Australian Government when he was awarded the Order Of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to Rugby League.

Captain in Focus: Darrell Bampton

Alexandria Rovers “60 Year Best of Team”

Darrell Maxwell Bampton – South Sydney Player Report

Rabbitohs News

Latrell Mitchell stars in 32-12 win over the Titans

Latrell Mitchell put on a masterclass for the Bunnies in the big 32-12 win over the Titans at Bankwest Stadium on Saturdat 13th June.

Charlie Rabbit flies the flag at Bankwest Stadium on Saturday 13th June 2020


We have started a new hashtag for our co-host Grant Chappell, just type in #ChapsFromRabbitohsRadio on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram & all of Chaps interviews will be there for you to watch.

Rabbitohs extend contract for four young stars; Bryson Goodwin released

Rabbitohs Team Song

South Sydney Rabbitohs – Players Song

The South Sydney Rabbitohs victory song has been around a long time, we wonder if anyone reading this might know more about the songs history? Where did it come from, who wrote it & what year did the team team adopt it? If not all good we just love hearing the boys singing it loud & proud ❤️💚

Mavo & Browny love singing the tune because it brings back memories of wins with their mates. We’ve included a photo with the songs lyrics but much like the national anthem the second verse is not sung by the team. We’ve also included some old pics that concern the famous Glory Glory song & its origins.

Marco Sivis from SSR Almanac writes-

Talking to former players, you quickly find out that it pre-dates the modern era and goes before the 70’s era as players from the 1950’s would sing it with the young players of the 60’s. The tune and original words pre-date World War II and also predate World War I.

The tune gives us a guide to the age of the origins of the song. The melody was a popular melody in British pubs at the turn of 18th-century. It was based upon a tune from Anacreonicty Society, a 18th-century club of amateur musicians in London. That society was dedicated to ancient Greek poet Anacreon, who was renowned for his drinking songs and odes to love. This society would meet and combine musical appreciation with eating and drinking.

The melody came to Australia with the early settlers and convicts and sung on many occassions at the bars around Sydney. With the famous drinking melody being picked up by many it was no surprise to see the South Sydney club also pick up this melody for its song during the celebration of a win.

The melody became famous when the tune was also picked up and used by Francis Scott Key in his famous 1776 poem “Defence of Fort McHenry”. It is then ironic that a British pub melody and the words by Key became known as the “The Star-Spangled Banner” and were adopted as the national anthem of the United States in 1931.

Welcome Back!

During the show this week we played some of the song “Welcome Back The Juniors’ that was created by the Robertson Brothers. The Robertson Brothers are well known for their parody songs for Ray Hadley on 2GB & also for the Continous Call Team .

The Roberston Brothers’ ode to share bikes

Another Robertson Brothers parody

Welcome Back, Kotter

“Welcome Back” is a popular record that was the theme song of the 1970s American television sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter. Written and recorded by former Lovin’ Spoonful frontman John Sebastian, it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week in May 1976 after only five weeks on the chart (the show itself had become an instant ratings success upon its premiere the previous fall).

A young John Travolta played Vinnie Barbarino in the show

Welcome Back, Kotter Wikipedia

Rabbitoh Of The Week

Ryan ‘Razor’ Higgins

Our Rabbitoh Of The Week is Ryan ‘Razor’ Higgins. Razor has a giant Rabbitoh logo poolside in his backyard.

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Go the bunnies 🐰😍

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Ryan (far right) with former Rabbitoh Beau Falloon (@nd from left) & their mates
The Higgins family pool

NRL News

NSW Premier gives green light for crowds up to 10,000 from July 1

Up to 10,000 fans will be allowed to return to each NRL game from July 1 in NSW after Premier Gladys Berejiklian gave the green light on Sunday.

Why leading coaches argued against obstruction rule overhaul

NRL coaches successfully argued against an obstruction rule overhaul 18 months ago, admitting they would flood the game with block plays if the “inside shoulder” interpretation was relaxed.

Round Six Line Up vs Warriors

Greats with Garby


Chocolate Ganach Tart

Les Bridge, Chris Smith, Ash Harrison, Kye & the Rabbitohs RABBITOHS RADIO

On our final show for the season we recap the loss to the Panthers, speak to The Everest winning trainer Les Bridge, radio personality Chris Smith & super fan Kye Porrier, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Ashley Harrison, we preview the NRL Grand Final & name our Rabbitoh Of The Week. #RabbitohsRadioPodcast
  1. Les Bridge, Chris Smith, Ash Harrison, Kye & the Rabbitohs
  2. Jed Cartwright, Freddy, Bernie & the Panthers
  3. Damien Cook, Michael Cleary & The Eels
  4. The Rooster Demolition, Jaydn Su’A, Jaxson Paulo, Les ‘Chicka’ Cowie & The Knights Sudden Death Showdown.
  5. Luke Curry, Ken Stewart & the Chooks
Teresa is a huge fan of the show & she enjoyed Saturdays big win

Keaon, Cody, Pati & the Jet

On this weeks show we talk to our newest Rabbitoh, first grade player number 1157 Keaon Koloamatangi & welcome back Cody Walker & James ‘Jimmy The Jet’ Roberts. We also look forward to the debut of another rising star in our forward ranks Patrick ‘Pati’ Mago.

Keaon Koloamatangi

Keaon Koloamatangi Wikipedia

Keaon “Big Mac Daddy” “Koala” Koloamatangi – South Sydney Player Report

Keaon Koloamatangi Official Profile

The family connection Souths fans can thank for Keaon

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Rabbitohs v Titans 3pm Saturday 13th June Bankwest Stadium, Sydney

Rd 5 team analysis: Cavalry arrives for battling Bunnies as stars race the injury clock

Patrick Mago

Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski

Ziggy is one of the touch judges in the Titans clash, lets hope he listened to our Ziggy podcast last week!

Remembering A Rabbitoh

This weeks Remebering A Rabbitoh is first grade player number 153, 5 time premiership winner the legendary George Treweek.

George Treweek Wikipedia

George (Albert George) Treweek – South Sydney Player Report

South Sydney Rabbitohs First Grade Players – By Debut Year

Malcolm Richard Spencer – South Sydney Player Report

Malcolm Spencer Rabbitoh number 411

Rabbitohs Dream Team

  • Fullback Clive Churchill
  • Winger Harold Horder
  • Centre Herb Gilbert
  • Centre Paul Sait
  • Winger Ian Moir
  • Five-eighth Jim Lisle
  • Halfback Bob Grant
  • Lock Ron Coote
  • Second row Bob McCarthy
  • Second row George Treweek
  • Prop John O’Neill
  • Hooker Elwyn Walters
  • Prop John Sattler (c)
  • Reserve Greg Hawick
  • Reserve Ray Branighan
  • Reserve Ian Roberts
  • Reserve Les Cowie
  • Coach Jack Rayner

Rabbitoh Of The Week

Matthew Cheeseman

Mikey Siciliano nominated his mate Matthew Cheesman (Cheese) “without this guy I wouldn’t be the mad Rabbitohs fan I am to this day. I met Matt by chance as I was walking my dog down the street and he was walking his. We went to the same school together back in the day but were never really close. Anyway, as I started to chat with him it turns out we had something in common, we were both massive Rabbitohs fans. He told me that he made it to pretty much every Rabbitohs game each year with his family and invited me to join. Ever since then we’ve become best mates and haven’t missed a home game in Sydney since, even traveling to the Central Coast for home games and Mudgee for the Charity Shield. I owe Matthew my passion for NRL and the Mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs to him”. Mikey also credits Cheese for making him a Rabbitohs Radio podcast listener so thanks for that Cheese!

Beanies For Brain Cancer

RIP Toni Mavin

Les Bridge, Chris Smith, Ash Harrison, Kye & the Rabbitohs RABBITOHS RADIO

On our final show for the season we recap the loss to the Panthers, speak to The Everest winning trainer Les Bridge, radio personality Chris Smith & super fan Kye Porrier, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Ashley Harrison, we preview the NRL Grand Final & name our Rabbitoh Of The Week. #RabbitohsRadioPodcast
  1. Les Bridge, Chris Smith, Ash Harrison, Kye & the Rabbitohs
  2. Jed Cartwright, Freddy, Bernie & the Panthers
  3. Damien Cook, Michael Cleary & The Eels
  4. The Rooster Demolition, Jaydn Su’A, Jaxson Paulo, Les ‘Chicka’ Cowie & The Knights Sudden Death Showdown.
  5. Luke Curry, Ken Stewart & the Chooks

Blake Solly speaks about his life as a Rabbitoh

Craig ‘Tugger’ Coleman

On the podcast this week we talk to Rabbitohs legend Craig ‘Tugger’ Coleman & discuss all the big issues at South Sydney & the NRL.

Links For You To Listen To This Show

Craig Coleman

Craig Coleman Wikipedia

Craig Coleman Career Stats & Summary

Don Cameron says: I saw Tugger grow up loving his football as a kid and as a senior player with South Sydney. There were some tough players that wore the red and green John Sattler, Les Davidson, David Boyle, Micheal Andrews but non tougher than Craig, he never took a backward step he had no fear. (28/12/2016) Rugby League Project

Legend Q&A: Craig Coleman

Captain in Focus: Craig Coleman

1989 Rabbitohs: Where are they now?

Latrell Mitchell & Josh Addo-Carr caught camping & fined

Get well soon Les Smith

Mavos mate Les Smith had an horrific accident with a circular saw at home in Canberra last Saturday. Les nearly lost 3 fingers & needed a 10 hour operation. Les is as mad a Rabbitoh as you will ever find & along with wife Cindy they often travel from the nations capital down to Rabbitohs games. Get well soon mate.

Not all were stars but NRL coaches make dream team

Chaps, Browny & Mavo work together as wharfies at Port Botany in Sydney. A lot of their workmates are former rugby league players so they have compiled a wharfie dream team that would surely be hard to beat. Can anyone out there match this team from their workplace?

Crash & The Crapenters Self Titled Album

Glenn Farah does his 25 push ups on Anzac Day 2020

For The Love Of Your Local

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JD – Rabbitohs Assistant Coach Jason Demetriou

This weeks podcast features JD aka Rabbitohs assistant coach Jason Demetriou. Jason talks about his incredible rugby league journey as a player & coach that’s taken him around the world, across Australia & back to Redfern. JD shares the story about the first time he met Wayne Bennett, gives us an insight into the day his try helped save Wakefield Trinity, his time working with superstar Johnathan Thurston plus lots more. This one is an absolute beauty, don’t miss it 🎙

Jason Demetriou

Jason Demetriou Wikipedia

Jason Demetriou Career Stats

‘Good piece of business’: Demetriou to take Bennett’s place

Why Souths are convinced Demetriou won’t suffer post-Bennett blues

Chorley Lynx

Jason Demitriou played for the Keighley Cougars 2011-12 scoring 10 tries.

Todd Greenberg

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg steps down as league faces coronavirus test

Hooper: Todd Greenberg was a political card shark who had no option but to walk

Sam Burgess

Sam Burgess reveals 2014 Grand Final heroics could have cost him his eye

Latrell & Teddy

Latrell v Tedesco tipped to headline rebooted NRL season with Souths taking on Roosters

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 03: James Tedesco & Latrell Mitchell of the Blues pose for a portrait during a New South Wales Blues State of Origin Media Opportunity at Luna Park on June 3, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.
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On again 🐓

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Check out all the Rabbitohs action on our YouTube channel
Browny does the push up challenge in the Rabbitohs Radio studio

Rugby League Is The Winner

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Ian Roberts, Johnny Lewis and the return of the Rabbitohs

On the podcast this week we interview two legends, Ian Roberts & Johhny Lewis plus we take a look at plans to kick start the NRL.

Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts Wikipedia

Rugby league legend Ian Roberts discovers permanent brain damage after testing

Ian Roberts speaks about being an openly gay man in the NRL, the tragedy that made him come out

‘I would be so deeply offended and hurt’: Ian Roberts says no to NRL return for Folau

The Year that Made Me: Ian Roberts, 1984

Legend Q&A: Ian Roberts

Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis Wikipedia

Australian trainer Johnny Lewis inducted into Boxing Hall of Fame

Legendary boxing trainer Johnny Lewis talks boxing, rugby league and Kostya v Fenech

Back row – Terry Hill, Geordi Peats, Johnny Lewis, Manoa Thompson
Front row – Nat Wood, Jeff Fenech, Darrel Trindall, Kostya Tszyu

Darby Brown

On the show we talk about boxing legend Darby Brown the uncle of Les Brown, Brownys dad.

Darby Brown Wikipedia

Darby Brown Boxing Record

George Barnes v Darby Brown
Rabbitoh Of The Week is Scott Singles