A Painful Loss – by Stephen Fenech

What a painful loss. Souths just threw that away. And while it’s easy to point the finger at certain players for their mistakes, Souths were outsmarted and outsmarted by a Penrith team missing their best two players.

“Top four out reach”

But having said that I can also say that Penrith are also cheats in defence – two metres in front of the ref all night and laying all over us on the ruck so long I’m pretty sure they’ll still be a Penrith player laying there when we play the Cowboys next week. I was at the game and I’m telling you, Penrith were not only in front of the referee, they were running up off the line before we even played the ball. But this idiot ref had zero control – he was so out of his depth he needed floaties. The penalty count should have been 10-0 in Souths favour.

Kikau, who looked like an oversized cotton bud with his bleached blonde hair, must have had some sort of special leave pass to be exempt from the rules tonight because I could have counted on one hand the number of times he was actually onside. And Penrith had so many escorts to protect their fullback they should be working in Kings Cross. How are they allowed to get away with that? I can recall Cody Walker was once penalised because he looked over his shoulder and yet Penrith run at angles in front of our players without giving away a penalty.

OK, enough about Penrith, now we need to take a long hard look at our own backyard. It doesn’t help us in the fourth minute when Damien Cook, the current NSW Origin hooker, throws the world’s first intercept pass that rolled along the ground for Crichton to snatch up and score the easiest try of his career. That was the worst start to a game for while.

Members and fans formed a guard of honour last night at Accor Stadium.

Now as much as I think Latrell is a genius (had made a good offload for Cody’s try) he also makes some dumb decisions and that happened again tonight. In the 27th minute he runs the ball up and tries to milk a penalty in the ruck and ends up losing the ball. Off the next scrum, Edwards ran past Paulo and Graham like they were mannequins and scored another easy Penrith try that came from our mistakes. That penalty he gave away when he dived on the ball on our line because Penrith never had a dummy half was a line-ball decision that could been judged fair by another ref with a higher IQ. There were some heart-stopping passes he threw on our line as well to Paulo and AJ. His short dropouts backfired again tonight and even his short kick off near the end of the game didn’t even make 10m. Ilias was also caught out a few times and couldn’t get the fifth tackle kick away and didn’t have enough to inspire and organise his side.

When Souths had the ball, they struggled to make ground and maintain field position. Souths needed to adapt to the conditions – if they pull a knife, you pull a gun. For a start they should have stayed in Penrith’s faces like they were in ours in defence. Instead there were periods when we let them come to us. With the ball we were pretty well contained and our battering rams who usually make a lot of ground were barely reaching the advantage line. One way they could have adapted was trying to offload more and getting players to support the ball carrier. With Penrith having four to a tackle, any ball we managed to offload resulted in some good second phase play and we made some progress. We also needed to fight to play the ball – that would have made the time Penrith were laying on us seem even longer.

Match Highlights.

And as if this night wasn’t miserable enough after that loss, they also decided to close the M5 East after 9.30pm. Who’s the genius who decided to close a major motorway on the night of a Souths game in Homebush. It took me more than an hour to get home – I’m pretty sure Penrith had something to do with it – they got away with everything else.

Apart from handing Penrith the minor premiership we’ve also put finishing in the top four out of reach as well. And unfortunately the job doesn’t get any easier with Cowboys next week followed by the last game of the regular season against the Roosters. At least we have a nine-day turnaround to get things right before the match against the Cowboys. Now is the time we discover just how far we are willing to go and how deep we want to dig. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

Stephen Fenech - Tech Guide
Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Clinical – Rabbitohs 26 Eels 0

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Clinical. That’s what that win was for Souths. Ruthless. And you know what else it was? A statement to the teams we have ahead of us on the ladder including upcoming opponents Penrith and the Cowboys. We’re coming for you! They are playing with a certainty and a confidence that has been built brick by brick over the last few weeks. With that comprehensive win in the bank they are standing even taller. And keeping Parramatta scoreless also spoke volumes about our commitment with and without the ball. I was cheering the team on from New Yok were the game kicked off at 6am – I’ve never been more excited to set the early alarm! I bounced out of bed like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning!!

Trell Mit ❤️💚 Image – South Sydney Rabbitohs

That victory was built from the opening part of the game when Souths established great field position. We were relentlessly making excellent ground – every one of our ball carriers were just eating up the metres. And they were defending like their lives depended on it to keep the Eels pinned in their end. It was one of the most dominant starts to a game by Souths that I can remember.

Like Christmas morning for Steve in New York.

We lost young Ilias with a hamstring injury late but Hawkins filled in like he’s been playing first grade every week. His kicking and his play with the ball was efficient and mature and proved to be a major part of our victory platform. It was also pleasing to see the other young guns like Tass and Izaac Thompson and rookie forwards like Sele, Havili, Moale who all turned up to play and to provide amazing support for Cam Murray, Cody Walker, Junior Tatola, Koloamatangi and Alex Johnston. And it was both their attack and defence that made it such a fine effort. Defence goes unnoticed most times but our players were putting in the work – it’s not as glamourous as a line break or a try but now it has become the backbone of our success. Latrell was once again in his element every time he touched the ball and he made yards and broke the line at will. And it all looks effortless.

Game highlights.

I think Souths put the game away early in the second half when Parramatta made a strong start with coach Brad Arthur’s words no doubt still ringing in their ears. They were playing like Souths did in the first half, but we stood our ground and our defence held and we eventually forced them into errors. The Eels did force two dropouts – and Souths decided to kick short both times. For the life of me, I can’t understand the thinking behind this. It just puts us under more pressure if we can’t get the ball back. Tonight we didn’t get the ball back and even gave away a penalty. In a tight game this could blow up in our face. But thankfully Souths defence was up to the job to keep out Parra’s probing attack.

The ref did his best to keep the Eels in the game with a few questionable penalties and six agains in the second half. I thought Cody was unfairly punished after making a solid ball and all tackle – Eels were given six again because the ref said he was holding the player down which he didn’t. Young Thompson showed a little inexperience not stepping inside near the line and spilled a couple of balls as well – but he’ll be better for the run. But our error rate was fairly low tonight. What I liked was how they played after the errors – they contained the damage and got on with it. This team has become a locomotive that will be impossible to derail.

It’s a short turnaround for our next game against the Panthers and I’m hoping we get some Grand Final revenge. If Souths can maintain this form and build on it no one can stop us. And with Campbell Graham and Tom Burgess coming back into the side next week we’ll be even stronger. Souths are on a mission and really timing their run perfectly. The other teams have been put on notice – our run for premiership glory is well and truly under way. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

Stephen Fenech
Stephen Fenech in the Tech Guide studio.

“Cam Murray in a class of his own” – Rabbitohs 48 Warriors 10

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Today Souths showed they have the right formula to beat any team. Error-free football, offloading, backing up the ball carrier, completing our sets and rock-solid defence. That’s exactly what was on show today and the points were just flowing. And it was great to see our younger players shining today as well with strong, focused and mature performances. Souths were the strong favourites against the Warriors today, but I believe the level of intensity and efficiency they showed this afternoon would have beaten anyone.

Latrell Mitchell was on fire today.

It was an absolute try-fest for Souths (my four leg multi got up before halftime!) thanks to our superior field position and high completion rate. But what was also impressive were how many of our tries came from nothing. Thanks to our support play, we managed to find the line and get that scoreboard ticking over. A classic example of this was when Latrell picked up an offload about 15m out and his sheer strength and ability saw him crash over under the posts. Up to that point, Latrell had a quiet start to the game – he was biding his time at the back but when he decided to get involved it was just effortless. He threw the last pass before a try a few times today, scored two tries and his goal-kicking was also on point.

NRL game highlights.

Special mention needs to go to Cam Murray who was in a class of his own today. He set up the first three tries, made more tackles than the rest of the forward pack put together and led by example in every possible way. A real captain’s knock. He is a dead-set machine! He had plenty company across the park with Jai Arrow and Junior Tatola again always close to the action with the ball and heavily involved in defence. In fact, it was a couple of Arrow offloads that led to tries.

2 tries and 8 from 8 from Latrell Mitchell.
Davvy Moale was great off the bench today.

And even when the scoreboard was ticking over Souths didn’t take their foot off the pedal. You could see the same intensity with the ball and in defence even when the game was well and truly won and there were just a few minutes to go. I was worried that history would repeat itself after Souths led 26-0 at halftime the last time we played the Warriors in Magic Round. That day we only managed to scrape home 32-30. There were no such worries today, Souths came out for the second half as if it was 0-0 and they were starting all over again.

Liva, DSF & Keaon after full time today.

Izaac Thompson made a fine debut on the wing today and was even rewarded with a try. He’s a big unit this kid and he showed he’s got the size and skill for first grade. Inside him, Isaiah Tass continues to improve week after week and today he was always finding space with the ball and making some great tackles and defusing the Warriors attack. Daniel Suluka-Fifita was also a brilliant starter taking over from the suspended Tom Burgess.

Six Bunnies on the Sunshine Coast.

Oddly enough, despite having 59 per cent possession and dominant field position, Souths had more dropouts than the Warriors after we were tackled in our in-goal area. But I just want to state plain and simple here – I am NOT a fan of the short dropout. It’s a roll of the dice I’m not comfortable with. I preferred it when they roofed it 60m to keep the opposition away from our tryline. I don’t know why this has become a thing of late but I for one would prefer not to have the heart attack especially in a tight game.

Both Junior & Jaxson were great today.
Watch Garlo interview Sam Burgess.

And what’s with all the forward passes today. The worst one was when Latrell offloaded near our line after a kick. Just take the tackle and we get another five plays after that. There were also some passes in general play that the ref called forward. In a closer game this could prove costly. But overall it was an absolute pleasure to see Souths dominate a game like that. Easier on the arteries as well.

Josh Kemp and Michael Tasker in the Burrow today.

Next week we must aim up again like we did today we take on Parramatta who have found a bit of form. We seem to play well against the Eels and absolutely mauled them in the rain at Homebush in our last encounter a few weeks ago. This week, they are playing at home, so we need to be at our best to continue our march to the semi-finals. There’s something in the air and Souths appear to be in a positive frame of mind. We need that to continue plus we’ll be bolstered by the return of Campbell Graham as early as next week. Do we dare to dream of premiership glory?? Go big or go home I say. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

A try on debut for Izaac Thompson
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Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Special thanks to Kelly Brown for the images and videos from Sunshine Coast Stadium.

“That game slipped through our fingers.” Stephen Fenech

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.

Bloody hell!! That game slipped through our fingers tonight. We could have and should have won that. If you look back at the game (and I’m about to point out everything now) the Sharks points came off our errors or misreads. It was a minor miracle that we managed to draw level to force Golden Point despite having a better completion rate and more possession. Shark Park has never been a happy hunting ground for Souths and tonight’s loss just added to that miserable record.

Watch our game recap here.

I can’t believe Latrell could miss three field goal attempts in extra time. He also nearly missed the try conversion from in front to tie the game. Latrell didn’t seem himself tonight – I don’t think he played to his usual high standard. Tom Burgess getting sent off didn’t help our cause either. Personally I thought the tackle looked a lot worse than what it was – his initial contact was his arm. But of course the Sharks vocal home crowd revved the ref up not only over that tackle but plenty of other times throughout the night. In fact, Souths lost the penalty count 3-6 and weren’t given one six again all night despite the Sharks players taking their sweet time to get off us.

Latrell Mitchell on the burst last night against the Sharks.

Souths started the game strong making great yards with the ball through our forwards – Junior Tatola was particularly outstanding. This gave us great field position and we had the upper hand early and even managed to make the most of that superiority before Johnston scored our first try in the corner in the 12th minute with Latrell adding the extras. Sharks first try came after the ref gave them a six again for nothing. Connor Tracey showed up AJ on our left side – AJ should have gone low and forced him into touch. The Sharks second try came a set after Damien Cook threw a forward pass from dummy half that had them back on our doorstep again. When Mulitalo went up to take that bomb to score his try – not one of players went up for the ball – they all just looked at it.

Darrell Lea makes it better since 1927.

I don’t know what was up with Cody Walker tonight but it was like he overdosed on angry pills before kick off because he was lashing out at everyone and making some silly mistakes and making some dumb decisions. By the way, his escort was blatant – he was looking at the Sharks player coming through closer than a teenager would look at a porn site. And it should never have been challenged. He also threw a couple of passes when they just were not on. He was even trying to pick a fight as he was walking off with Souths trailing 14-6 at halftime. And inside him Ilias also made a couple of crucial blunders as well including not managing to get off his fifth tackle kicks.

We needed as strong start to the second half and that’s exactly what we got when our forwards took the ball 70m downfield off the kick off. A Sharks knock-on gave us possession again and Latrell pounced on a Cody Walker (he did one thing right) kick after three minutes to bring is back neck-and-neck with them. The next section of the game was an arm wrestle, and it was off the back of the efforts of our forwards who were making great ground with the ball and tackling themselves to a standstill. Our left side was far from its usual potent self tonight and when the ball went that way the Sharks always had an answer. There were also a few occasions when we were attacking their line that it looked like we were making it up as we were going. There was no one calling the shots. There were a few times when we got the ball and just stood still. It didn’t help us losing Cartwright to injury – he was making good yards with the ball and making great tackles including a cracker on Talakai who he forced into touch. This meant Latrell was shifted to centre and Nikorima went back to fullback. Not sure whether playing Latrell out of position was the right call but I guess Demetriou didn’t have much of a choice.

Satts sings on SEN.

It was an error from Tass – who was having a great game up to that point – that gave the Sharks the ball inside our 30 – it was one of only a handful of times they had been in our half. But some loose defence, including an uncharacteristic miss from Cam Murray, saw Andrew Fifita wind back the clock and score.

I applaud the fact that Souths didn’t switch off here. The replacement forwards Davvy Moale and Siliva Havili kept us in the game with their energy with the ball and in defence. Our defence all night had pretty much been on point apart from a couple of lapses. Junior Tatola was rewarded with a try after one his best and busiest games. He was a standout tonight. He also had company from Keaon Koloamatangi who’s smart one-on-one strip of Talakai got us the ball back for Tatola to score that try. We were now all locked up at 20-all and my heart rate looked like the readout of a 10 Richter scale earthquake.

Watch or listen on Spotify.

I thought we had Golden Point wrapped up when the ref bravely ruled that Fifita knocked on in the play the ball in their half. But instead of waiting till the fifth tackle – we could have scored a try – they decided to pass it to Latrell on tackle three and he misses it worse than one of my shanks on a par three at The Coast. Now you’d think that he’d slot one of his other two efforts, but it was just not his night. Burgess’s send off and penalty would be all the Sharks needed to stab every Souths supporter in the heart with an effortless field goal from Nicho Hynes.

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That defeat could prove more costly than we realise – it could mean that a top four finish is now out of our reach. It looks like we’ll be without Cartwright for a few weeks and Burgess might also get a decent judiciary-sanctioned vacation as well. It all starts again next week when we take on the Warriors on the Sunshine Coast before we play Parra, Penrith, Cowboys and the Roosters. We need to regroup and we need to do it fast. If we can hold the ball and complete our sets, there’s nothing to say we can’t win every one of those games. We just need to see how badly Souths want it. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

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Can Souths Still Win The Comp? – Rabbitohs v Panthers Recap RABBITOHS FAN TV

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A Quality Rabbitohs Win

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

Stephen Fenech & friends at Accor Stadium on Saturday.

The one word that comes to mind after that amazing win was quality. Quality effort in everything they did – quality in attack, quality in defence and a quality approach.

That would have to be one of the best wins of the season – our first win against the Storm since 2018. And it’s also our sixth win in seven games and another momentum builder as we approach the semi-finals and dare to dream.

“I was confident Souths could go on with this thanks to the huge games from Keaon and Jed Cartwright”

Tonight’s win over Melbourne – their fourth loss in a row – was a statement. It sent a message to the other teams in the NRL that South Sydney playing at their best like they did tonight can beat anyone.

Within the first minute Nelson Asofa-Solomona tried to take Cam Murray’s head off and for a second I feared we were going to lose Cam then and there – a repeat of his Origin Game III misfortune. But thankfully he was OK and still on the field and he led by example. The Storm grub was put on report and from the resulting penalty Keaon Koloamatangi crossed out wide for our first try (and thanks SportsBet – I backed him as first tryscorer!!) with Latrell slotting the conversion.

Stephen Fenech was at Accor Stadium on Saturday night.

Melbourne had a few opportunities on our line in the next section of the half but our defence held. The Storm was up to their usual tricks when they were defending – offside all night. I was out there, and it was blatant. And there was also their usual grubby wrestling and holding us down in the tackle that went ridiculously unpenalized. Cody Walker was rocked by a massive tackle from Olam that I felt up in the stand.

Souths had the upper hand for most of the half and our hard work was rewarded in the 27th minute when Alex Johnston flashed over in the corner. Is there a more exciting sight than seeing AJ score in the corner? It as much acrobatic as it is athletic the way he manages to plant that ball in the corner. Latrell missed the conversion, but we were still in control.

What was frustrating was how often the Storm were receiving relieving penalties coming out of their end. A luxury rarely afforded to Souths. In fact, he penalised Souths for the most minor things in the ruck. Yet Melbourne laid all over Souths players for so long we could have charged them rent.

Just as I was thinking we could put another try on them to extend our lead before halftime, Havili knocks on during a sloppy play the ball. In the next set Marion Seve slices straight through the middle and left Cody and Isiah Tass clutching at thin air before he scores under the posts. With the conversion they were right back in the game.

That 10-6 scoreline at halftime was not indicative of the game – Souths were by far the better side. Melbourne had made a lot of uncharacteristic errors in their own quarter, and this combined with Souths next-level effort had us well on top.

I was confident Souths could go on with this thanks to the huge games from Keaon and Jed Cartwright who was a revelation in the centres making great yards with the ball and providing solid defence out wide.

The second half started well. A crucial play was forcing a drop out in the 43rd minute. Latrell had successfully challenged a knock on and six tackles later it was his flick pass that put AJ over yet again in the corner.

One of the best moments in the match was a couple of minutes later when Cook ran from dummy half and made a half break before offloading inside to Keaon who then passed it to Ilias who did well to reach the line and stretch out to put the ball down beside the post to take us to 20-6 with Latrells conversion.

Game Highlights.

Melbourne wasn’t laying down, Souths were just making a better effort on every play. The Storm even managed two 40-20s but the South defence on their own line through the game was watertight – that was a telling factor that led to this great victory.

Paulo would find the line in the 55th minute to take the score out to 24-6 but there was plenty of game time left and we still couldn’t afford to take our foot off the gas.

Melbourne is one of those teams that can turn around a game as quickly as a street mugging. Not tonight. Storm did manage another converted try to bring them back to what would be the final 24-12 score. But you know what – that score flattered Melbourne – Latrell missed three goals and we could have had 30 points on the scoreboard.

What impressed me about Souths tonight was their intensity which they maintained for most of the game. They were always on their toes in defence and were more than willing to take the ball forward and commit to claw those hard yards especially coming out of our end.

They played this game like it was a semi-final – and that’s the level they need to maintain over the coming weeks if we want to live out this Cinderella story of making the Grand Final again. Souths made it loud and clear that they’ve got what it takes to win the big matches ahead of them.

It starts again next week when we take on the Sharks – another team that’s in our way as we chase premiership glory. Souths are hitting form at the right time of the year like a distance runner saving their best effort to overtake the others at the finish line. If Souths continue with this quality and with this effort, we’ll be going for gold. Let’s Go Rabbitohs!!!

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide.
Sam Burgess Interview.

We need to get fair dinkum in this business end of the season

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

Boy doesn’t this team know how to give you a heart attack! Yes, it was a win – but it nearly slipped through their fingers. I’m glad Souths found it within themselves to regroup and claim the victory but this near-loss was their own doing. The Bulldogs did their best but if we were playing a team like the Panthers, they would have punished us and we’d be on the wrong end of the scoreboard. There are a few areas we need to tighten up if we’re going to win any games in our tough run home.

Lachlan Ilias got the ball rolling in the third minute by diving on a loose ball for our first try and a solid start to the game. Now as brilliant and unpredictable Latrell is – I do sometimes question his decisions like kicking on the first tackle of a seven-tackle set. AJ didn’t get anywhere near the ball and then we gave a penalty on the next tackle. In that set the Bulldogs scored in the corner after AJ’s bad miss on ex-Souths player Braidon Burns.

Three minutes later Declan Casey crashes over down our right side past Paulo – a witch’s hat would have offered better defence. Does he know his job tonight was tackling the guys in the blue and white jerseys because it dead set didn’t seem that way.

“Latrell went from villain to hero”

Now the Bulldogs were in the lead. Luckily for Souths, Cody showed some individual brilliance to score a nice try to give us the lead once again. Meanwhile the Bulldogs were making ground through the middle and managing to offload and create broken play which always gives us trouble.

The Dogs had a try disallowed for obstruction after that grub Flanagan went around his own player. This gave Souths one more sniff before the break and AJ got over the line to take a 16-10 lead at halftime.

Souths were lucky to have that lead. The Bulldogs were outmuscling us in some areas. They managed to drag our players into touch three or four times and often on the first tackle. Souths definitely had plenty of work to do in the second half but it was the Bulldogs who scored not once but twice at the start of the second half. They made Souths look stupid. There was some lazy inside defence – Koloamatangi didn’t even stretch out an arm or dive on a couple of occasions.

“We missed Cam Murray’s usually monstrous workload”

I know we missed Cam Murray’s usually monstrous workload but unfortunately some of our players just weren’t on the ball tonight – especially when the ball changed direction. And when we had the ball at crucial moments and building momentum, we dropped the ball.

It was in this period when Latrell would go from villain to hero. Josh Addo-Carr runs past Latrell who puts an arm out and accidentally pokes Addo-Carr in the eye. Addo-Carr took a bigger dive than a player in a World Cup soccer final and that just sold the stupidity of what Latrell did to the ref. Penalty to the Bulldogs and then they scored. It was dumb – and totally unnecessary. Imagine if that was the last five minutes of the Grand Final. But then he produces some individual magic to score a stunning solo try a matter of minutes later.

Bulldogs took the lead again when a fifth tackle play that started on the halfway line wove through some more lazy defence resulting on COVID party man Paul Vaughan crash over like he’s Wally Lewis. 28-22 down with 10 to go and, based on what I’d watched, I thought our night was over. But luckily for Souths we managed to put a couple of good sets together and were now playing down their end and building pressure. The pressure valve took the shape of Junior Tatola who dived for a try which Latrell converted to bring the scores level again.

Souths seemed to settle into a rhythm at this point and we actually played some football – resulting in two late tries to Alex Johnston. The last try was scrutinised by the bunker but it was found that we managed to stay in the field of play by the width of a blade of grass. And we managed to score the win in an equally narrow manner. Latrell also missed three goals tonight so we could have had 40 plus points on the board.

Watch our Rabbitohs Fan TV game recap here.

We need to learn from that game – yes we won – but we did plenty of things that could have easily seen it ripped from our grasp against a better team.

Next week we come up against a determined Melbourne side who are desperate for a win after three straight losses. If we play like that again, I’d say the result won’t be as favourable as it was tonight. Next week we have Cam Murray and Damien Cook back in the team fresh and ready to go. I thought Cook might have played today – he only played the last 15 minutes of Game 3 while Jai Arrow, who had more Origin minutes than Cook, was out there leading from the front as one of our better players.

We need to get fair dinkum in this business end of the season, and it starts next week against the Storm. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

You can never underestimate a Queensland team…Ever

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

Whether you support NSW or Queensland – we can all agree that we’ve just watched one of the best Origin matches ever.

The Maroons were just too good.

The better team won despite having two players ruled out with COVID and two more to the head bin in the first three minutes of the match.

Queensland simply manhandled NSW and had all the field position in the second half. The Blues had no answers and couldn’t get near the Queensland line.

One of the best!

The big moments in the match were from players in a Maroon jersey. How these players are still standing after the most intense 80 minutes we’ve seen is beyond me.

This proves yet again that you can never underestimate a Queensland team. Ever.

A game that had everything – Rabbitohs 40 Knights 28

By Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

That was a game that had everything – and not all of it was good. But what it did have was a gutsy effort from a patchwork Souths team that had nine changes from the side that beat Parra last week and that lost our halfback in the second tackle of the game. The whole squad had to dig deep tonight including some players who were playing their first game for months. I’m proud to say they stood up tonight. Not everything went our way but we outlasted a Knights team that wasn’t going to pack up and go home early. There were patches when we let the Knights back into it – but our scrambles in desperation were some of our best moments.

Without young Ilias at halfback Cody Walker had to stand up and that’s exactly what he did and he was rewarded with the first try (I backed him too – thanks SportsBet!) Early on we were making good ground through the middle and our defence was pretty sound. Then Nikorima missed the ball when he tried to kick the ball on the Newcastle line and Tyson Frizell cleaned up the ball in open space and our lack of defenders to stop his run upfield made him look like Greg Inglis. The Knights scored in the corner on the next tackle and they were back into it. The ref was looking after them with penalties and six agains (can’t recall Souths getting one six again all game) that brought them right back into our territory. Milford’s fifth tackle kick was plucked out of the air by Edrick Lee but no one thought to wrap up the ball and he easily passed inside to Klemmer to score and take them into the lead. I thought Klemmer was in front of the kicker but this idiot ref didn’t see that. Tonight he proved he couldn’t find his arse with two hands. All the tries he disallowed were overturned by the bunker and found to be fair tries and three captain’s challenges were successful against his rulings. All these wrong decisions could easily have changed the game.

But Newcastle weren’t done yet. When Best crossed out wide I had flash backs of the flogging we copped at the hands a St George a couple of weeks ago. We were 16-6 down and things were looking grim. But when the Knights caught us in our in-goal area and forced a drop out can you believe that’s when it all turned around? I’ve never been a fan of the short drop out but we managed to get the ball back. It was also when Souths got their first penalty of the game – it was the 29th minutes and the penalty count was 5-0 against us. That gave us valuable field position and inspired our second wind. Richard Kennar – filling in for Alex Johnston who was a late withdrawal – scored the first of his three tries down our left side. His second would come four minutes later and Latrell blasted the conversions from the sideline to have us out in front again. Just before halftime Cody took a beautiful intercept and we go from trailing 16-6 to leading 24-16 at halftime. The game had turned so quickly I think I’ll need to see a chiropractor tomorrow. In a single half Souths had been Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – going from wide open and out of control to striking with the speed of a cobra. It was enough to make you dizzy.

Up the Rabbitohs!

In the second half we needed to make a statement. Luckily Kennar found the line for try number three and we had a bit of breathing space. Minutes later Junior Tatola was on the spot to clean up a Cody Walker kick for a try as well. It was at this point that I thought Souths would put on the afterburners. But the Knights still had some fight left in them and there was plenty of time left in the game. When Lee scored in the 58th minute it kept them in touch but barely a couple of minutes later Souths exposed the Knights weak defence on their left side for Paulo to stroll over for an easy try. Just on Paulo I think he had a forgettable game tonight – he made a few mistakes and was caught out of position three times to let in tries. He’s become a bit of a liability of late. For the one good thing he does in a game he comes up with 10 howlers. I don’t think my blood pressure can take it. Paulo’s try did put the game out of Newcastle’s reach but that didn’t stop Barnett from finding the line. Paulo was slow moving up in the line and that’s where Barnett reached out and scored his try.

Latrell was captain tonight and played a solid game. He was put on report for the tackle on Wilson that you wouldn’t look at twice. Latrell is always judged a little harder than most players unfortunately. But tonight it was his presence and passion that helped Souths claw this victory. Cody Walker is back to his best – he showed his class several times with the ball to set up most of our tries and score two himself. Hats off to Tom Burgess who is in career-best form followed closely by Junior Tatola and Jed Cartwright who toiled with the ball and in defence despite not playing for the last few months.

Match highlights.

That win puts Souths up into fifth spot but Parra, Brisbane and St George have to play tomorrow and Sunday. Being in the eight at this time of the season is quite an achievement. If we can hold it together and field our best team in the weeks ahead then anything is possible. Next week we’re up against the Bulldogs at Accor Stadium at Homebush. Some good signs are there and if we can build some momentum in the lead up to the semi’s then anything is possible. Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

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Rabbitohs 30 Eels 12 – Game Recap by Stephen Fenech

What a great win! And on a night where the conditions were not fit for man or beast. Souths played like they were on a dry track. The other remarkable thing was the turnaround after that woeful performance in our last game where it looked like they didn’t want to be there. Parramatta were always going to be tough opposition, but Souths have a great record against the Eels. And Souths turned up with their boots on – it was brilliant to see them roar back to some form tonight.

Jai Arrow celebrates his try last night at Accor Stadium.

Souths were on from the get-go with solid defence, a good completion rate and excellent field position. The game was only four minutes old when Alex Johnston flashed over for our first try and Latrell slotted the conversion – in fact, he converted five out of five tries. Speaking of Latrell – it was awesome to see him back on the field again. He made a solid comeback and showed flashes of his usual brilliance. Just his presence on the field lifted the team tonight. He has also unselfishly ruled himself out of the NSW team for Origin III which I think is a smart move. So good to see him put Souths first.

Our second try was on the end of several passes and two kicks – the second kick taken beautifully mid-air by young talent Isiah Tass who also managed to pass the ball inside before he hit the ground to an unmarked Jai Arrow. This is the Souths we love to see – and they had plenty left in the tank. Souths were dominating with the ball and our defence was effective keeping Parra down their end despite referee Cummins doing his best to help them the Eels of their end with a few relieving penalties coming off their line.

A few minutes later Souths got the ball out to Paulo who was unlucky not to score in the corner. Souths did well to keep the pressure on and they managed to force five line dropouts for repeat sets. Cody Walker seemed more like himself tonight with smart passes and gritty defence. Campbell Graham was also a standout but he copped a shoulder on the face which I thought had broken his cheekbone, but he went off, passed his HIA and returned after a 15-miniute break to pick up exactly where he left off. He was always going forward with the ball, making breaks on the edges and making crunching tackles.

Parra’s first try in the 22nd minute to Gutherson was dead set off a blatant forward pass but the idiot ref and touch judges saw nothing and that’s the only thing the bunker can’t rule on if you can believe that. At 12-6 the Eels were starting to mount a comeback before the break but Alex Johnston broke their hearts by taking a nice intercept right on the stroke of halftime.

Full game replay.

The second half was more of the same I’m happy to say with Tom Burgess making ground every time he ran the ball and Ilias showing his skills with the boot and with the ball. He did well to bounce back with confidence after the embarrassing first half replacement in the last game. We also did well after losing two forwards – Hame Sele and Mark Nicholls – to injury. Paulo found himself on the end of a great movement down the right side in the 61st minute to make up for the try he just missed in the first half. Our next try was off the back of some fine work by Latrell who bumped off an Eels player and made a break towards the centre of the field where he offloaded to Ilias who then found a flying Damien Cook on the inside to score beside the posts.

Unfortunately Souths took the foot off the gas in the dying stages and Paulo, who had a great game with ball, found himself marking no one when Gutherson scored his second try that’s softer than tissue paper. But the game was won and Souths had well and truly dominated.

There seemed to be greater harmony tonight – they had a plan and they executed it. There was a bit more willingness with the ball although there were still a few times we gave up the ball early in the set. But given the conditions, I think Souths did a tremendous job hanging on to the ball. Hopefully Souths have turned a corner here. With Latrell making a successful comeback and Cody getting back to his usual self all we need are our Origin boys to come through unscathed so we can give the back end of the comp a real shake. Next week we’re taking on Newcastle in Newcastle but without Cam Murray, Damien Cook and Jai Arrow who are on Origin duty but the Knights will also be without Ponga. Hopefully it’s the start of a semi-final run. Plus we’re in the eight – and the Roosters are not! Let’s go Rabbitohs!!!

By Stephen Fenech

Stephen Fenech from Tech Guide

The Rabbitohs, Tech Guide & Wonders Of The Universe – Stephen Fenech Interview

By Steve Mavin

Today we paid a visit to the home of Rabbitoh #767 Stephen Fenech.

Steve gave Rabbitohs Fan TV a tour of his home including his incredible home theatre that is filled with amazing and unique movie memorabilia items.

We interviewed Steve in his office that he uses as a studio with live crosses to TV and radio. We didn’t even need our own tripod because Steve had his own setup ready to go for our camera!

Watch our Stephen Fenech interview on Rabbitohs TV.

Topics covered in our interview were Steves rugby league debut for Souths, his big brother Mario and family, his career as a journalist, his favourite tech items, drone piloting, astronomical photography and electric cars. We could have covered a whole lot more so we’ll have to check back in with Steve for another chat soon.

Click image to visit Stephen Fenechs site Tech Guide.
Two Blokes Talking Tech – Trevor Long & Stephen Fenech
This is the Carina Nebula – it is 8,500 light years away and one of the largest diffuse nebulae you’ll find. This image is made up of 40 three-minute exposures that were stacked and processed. By Stephen Fenech
Watch Stephen Fenechs debut game in 1988.
Stephen is a Star Wars super fan.
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