Rabbitohs TV TikTok Top Twelve

TikTok has been downloaded over 6 billion times since it was launched internationally in 2017 & has become a mainstream app alongside established social media giants Facebook, TikTok & Twitter.

As we approach the magic 10k follower total on our Rabbitohs TV TikTok here’s a look at our twelve most viewed posts.

Cameron Murray is ranked 10th on our list.

Number 12 | Damien Cook gave his jersey to Noela, the wife of the late Michael Cini last night

56.9k views – 4116 likes – 46 comments – 46 shares

The week after much loved Burrow member Michael Cini passed away, friend of the family Cookie made this lovely gesture to his grieving wife Noela.


Damien Cook gave his jersey to Noela, the wife of the late Michael Cini last night. #rabbitohsradio #fyp #legend #damiencook #gorabbitohs

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Number 11 | Cam

58.1k views – 6105 likes – 124 comments – 173 shares

Cameron Murray gives us a smile after a press conference at Redfern Oval. Just to highlight Cams popularity his video has had the 2nd most shares on our list with 173.

Number 10 | Jaydn & Keaon

60.5k views – 3486 likes – 36 comments – 44 shares

Jaydn & his best mate Keaon at Redfern Oval before a press conference.

Number 9 | When Natalie met Cody, Latrell & Braidon.

65.3k views – 4839 likes – 21 comments – 26 shares

Young Ironmark employee Natalie is a bit shy around the team.

Number 8 | Reyno to Rodney O

65.7k views – 6965 likes – 104 comments – 72 shares

Rodney O the ‘voice’ of the Sydney Kings is presented with Adam Reynolds jersey as a young fan calls out frantically for attention.

Number 7 | JJ & The Sauce

75.2k views – 6158 likes – 64 comments – 60 shares

Young Souths fan JJ was a star when he appeared on Rabbitohs TV.

Number 6 | Chaps

88.6k views – 2709 likes – 42 comments – 163 shares

Chaps busted out a few moves for the North Maroubra Surf Riders (NMSR) boys at Maroubra Beach.

Number 5 | 2021 SG Ball team trial

114.1k views – 14k likes – 82 comments – 150 shares

Tallis Duncan leads the SG Ball team out for a trial at Mascot Oval.

Number 4 | The Jersey Flegg

118.6k views – 6490 likes – 40 comments – 59 shares

The Rabbitohs Jersey Flegg team going into battle at Ironmark High Performance Centre, Redfern.

Number 3 | Isaiah Vailalo

129.6k views – 7254 likes – 35 comments – 121 shares

Tough young prop Isaiah warms up at Mascot Oval.

Number 2 | Good shot Ben Lovett

150.7k views – 5614 likes – 24 comments – 43 shares

Young gun Souths forward Ben Lovett puts a good shot on the Panthers player bringing the ball back from the kickoff at Redfern Oval.

Number 1 | Constables @ Coogee

359k views – 20.9k likes – 326 comments – 821 shares

While shooting a street talk segment for Rabbitohs TV in Coogee, these two young policewomen gave us a smile as they walked past.

Rabbitohs TV TikTok Stats

Followers – 9930

Likes – 247.5k

#rabbitohsradio – 2.7 million views

#rabbitohstv – 1.4 million views

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By Steve Mavin

#RabbitohsTV TikTok Hits 1 Million

TikTok is the fastest growing social media network ever & the platform has over a 1 billion active users worldwide.

Rabbitohs TV | Rabbitohs Radio kicked off it’s TikTok account in July 2020 with a simple picture of Latrell Mitchell accompanied by an audio file of him speaking during our interview on Rabbitohs Radio Podcast. It was a humble beginning but since then we’ve lifted our game uploading hundreds of videos with various hashtags that have been views millions of times.

Hashtag #rabbitohstv has surged past 1.1million views

TikTok is still viewed by some as just a fun app for the younger generation but the truth is that it has something for everyone of all ages with a wide variety of entertaining content that has become mainstream alongside social media giants Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Damien Cook gave his jersey to Noela, the wife of the late Michael Cini last night. #rabbitohsradio #fyp #legend #damiencook #gorabbitohs

♬ original sound – Rabbitohs TV | Rabbitohs Radio
This Damien Cook video went viral on TikTok

‘TikTok is available in over 150 countries and has been downloaded over 200 million times in the United States alone. If your brand’s target audience includes anyone between the age 13 and 60, you should be on TikTok right now.’ (wallaroomedia.com)

Over 2 million Aussies regularly use TikTok & that number continues to grow.

Our hashtag #rabbitohstv recently topped the million views mark making it our 3rd phrase to have done so after #rabbitohsradio (2.4 million) & #rabbitohsradiopodcast (1 million) both did the same thing earlier this year.

One huge appeal of TikTok to users & creators is the music & the fact that TikTok has become a hit maker in the music industry. It also has the power to revitalise old tracks & gain new popularity for countless artists music.

A perfect example here is the viral cranberry juice skateboarder video that quickly translated into a resurgence in popularity for Fleetwood Mac, with “Dreams” receiving a 374% jump in sales and a 89% jump in streams, putting the classic hit back on Billboard’s top charts. 

That video creator Nathan Apodaca & a Cranberry Juice company have both reaped the rewards thanks to his work. Sales of Ocean Spray soared after Nathan’s video of him sipping it, and as a reward the company gave him an actual car.

Instant fame, a merchandise range, an appearance in an advert at the Super Bowl & more followed. Not bad for a bloke filming himself riding his skateboard sipping a drink with an old tune as a backing track.

Our post featuring two police women on the street in Coogee has been our most popular, viewed over 356k times.

In that police women TikTok we used the song ‘Dream Police’ by Cheap Trick so if any of the band members are reading this I’ll settle for a case of Young Henry’s Newtowner thank you very much!

Our video has become the most popular on TikTok to use the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick
We feature our Pathways teams
We post fan videos like this one featuring Bec Eakin at the 2014 NRL Grand Final
99.5 million views & counting, this simple drumstick video is another example of TikTok contents mass appeal.
The Rabbitohs press conferences provide us with great content


By Steve Mavin