John Sattler Sings Souths Victory Song On SEN 1170

A magical moment was captured on SEN 1170 radio earlier today when Rabbitohs legend John Sattler sang the team victory song for his son Scott on his show Sportsday.

Listen to Satts sing on Rabbitohs TV
Scott & John Sattler
John Sattler
John Sattler front & centre

Rabbitohs Victory Song Lyrics

And now that we’re all round the bar
and the captain’s declared it a quorum
we’re drinking our way through the night
and we’re having the time of our lives
throw the empties away, start again – start again

for the boys of South Sydney are together

and we’ll drink till dawn breaks again
and may the sessions of South Sydney last forever.

Oh! we never stagger, never fall
We sober up on pure alcohol
Our royal sons go marching up for more
We’ll guzzle, guzzle, guzzle and we’ll tip it down our muzzle

And we’ll sing out the order loud and clear: More beer!

And we’ll drink all night until we’re very tight
At the shades of wherever we are
Six hefty forwards and seven greasy backs
And plenty rabbit barrackers to keep the bludgers back

When the skin and hair is flying and the slaughter has begun

Three cheers for the good, old Rabbitohs
For the victory we have won
Up the Rabbitohs!

South Sydney Rabbitohs Victory Song

This Rabbitohs victory song has traditionally been sung by the players in the dressing room after a win dating back to the Bunnies glory days.

Watch the Rabbitohs victory song.☝🏼

The songs lyrics are-

“Now that we’re all around the bar
And the captains declared it a quorum
We’re drinking our way through the night
And we’re having the time of our lives
Throw the empties away start again, start again
For the boys of South of South Sydney are together
And we’ll drink til the dawn breaks again
May the sessions of South Sydney last forever
Up the Rabbitohs!”

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