The Rabbitohs Mental Health Phoneline –

0466 045 195

The South Sydney Rabbitohs Wellbeing Department would like to inform you of a brand-new service we are providing:



We are privileged to have our Mental Health Ambassador Jed Cartwright, as the face of our phoneline.

We will be offering a comprehensive service for our South Sydney Rabbitohs and extended family i.e. your junior clubs.

We are a Wellbeing Hub for the Rabbitohs. If anyone is experiencing emotional distress and needs to talk to someone, is feeling suicidal, needs assistance to find relative mental health services, needs support or advice, worried about someone, needs to negate a Mental Health plan or Information for family and carers. Please contact us for a confidential conversation with an empathetic trained mental health person.

We are here to listen without judgement.

Anyone who contacts the Mental Health Phoneline will go through a triage process and must be over the age of 18 or have a parent or guardian present with them.

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

The Rabbitohs Mental Health Phoneline

0466 045 195

Jan EarlHead of Wellbeing – South Sydney Rabbitohs

Jan Earl, Arthur Oxford & The Eels

We recap the Dragons win, chat to Rabbitohs Head of Wellbeing Jan Earl, our Remembering A Rabbitoh is Arthur Oxford & we preview the Eels clash.

Jan Earl & the Rabbitohs Wellbeing team

We would like to exclusively announce that Jan & the Rabbitohs Wellbeing team have created some brilliant new programs – A Rabbitohs Wellbeing Mental Health 24 hour hotline for the entire Rabbitohs family, Stacey Supports, Micks Mates & more. The Wellbeing team have also been delivering hampers to the players families.

The Rabbitohs Wellbeing team are filling a much needed void in the Souths community helping the players, staff & families in a wide variety of ways.

Arthur “Oxo” Oxford #80